Thursday, September 26, 2013

Week Three at School

Today finished Savannah's third week of school. While she still cries when I'm leaving her teacher assures me it is short lived. We get a sheet everyday that tells us how and what she ate, activities and her favorite part of the day. Today's sheet is in the picture.

When I picked Savvy up on Tuesday she was sitting at the table with 5 other little girls and they were chatting and laughing. It was sooo cute but I didn't have my camera on me. Today she was playing with toys with a little girl when I arrived. Both days she was super happy which makes up for the heartache of seeing her so upset when I leave.

All in all it was a good decision for us, she is getting extra attention, playing with other kids and all new experiences. I'm getting stress relief and able to finish work by the time I pick her up so we have more quality time in the afternoon and evening.

Our other fun this week was Marc getting rear ended by a stupid driver who was not paying attention. Not only was it in a school zone but she had multiple kids in her van. People are idiots. Marc is fine but his car got towed to the shop this afternoon to be fixed. The estimate from insurance was $5k. Luckily itcwss (obviously) her fault so her insurance is covering it. Hopefully our rates don't go up!

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