Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Musical Baby

As I’ve mentioned many times, Savannah loves music. All kinds – even country much to her Daddy’s jeering! If Marc and/or I are watching a TV show she pays no attention unless music comes on – generally just the credits. When they do she stares at the screen and be-bops to it. And let’s be serious, most of the music that plays during credits is jazzed up elevator music, not good music. But no matter to her!!


Banging, Dancing and Composing


One of her birthday presents was a Mozart Music Cube. Each side has a big push button for an instrument except on one side it’s orchestra. When she pushes a button, that instrument (or all if she presses the orchestra button) plays a song. She loves it!! Unlike the TV (we try to keep the remote from her since she drops it and messes it up) she’s in control. She can do one instrument, many, change the song etc.


The Music Cube


She has also found the joy of banging. Today I saw her banging a puzzle piece on the lamp base, a block on her music cube and sorter toy and the mallet has been known to beat on everything. We did get her a small drum that lights up and makes noise when she bangs on it but she doesn’t find it as fun as I thought she would so far.


Little Drummer Girl



Coming for the camera:



Feeding Daddy the aligator puzzle piece:



Reading with Daddy:


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