Saturday, September 27, 2014

Drying the Porch

When we arrived home from Flagstaff this afternoon it was drizzling. Soon after it was pouring like crazy which flooded half porch. Savvy promptly went inside, grabbed a towel and tried to dry it up.. Needless to say it didn't quite work!

Flagstaff Trip

Before Marc headed back to work the 8 of us (two adults, two kidlets and four dogs!) headed up to Flagstaff for a long weekend to relax. The weather was awesome!

There is a playground right nearby that we took Savannah to – she had a great time and made a new friend.


She really liked how much space there was around the house – she was running all over the place. She’d run all the way up the sidewalk, giggle, turn around and come flying back down to us.


Running Down the Hill


Overnight it ended up hailing and Savannah was ecstatic. She called it snow and had such a good time with it.


Throwing Hail

Playing with the Hail

Organizing Hail


Mommy got cold so we headed inside to play with the train table and hide red cups all over the house..




Our little man decided he likes football and would turn himself to be able to watch it on TV. Maybe he’s training..




On the way home we hit a huge storm, I could barely see through it but Marc was driving so it was ok. The kidlets both passed out within 15 minutes of leaving and slept most of the trip..


Sierra Dakota!

While in Flagstaff we let the dogs out without leashes. They roam a little bit since it's a few acres they get no where near the property line.. We just call them back and they (slowly) come.
Savannah helped me corral them in this morning..
Video Sierra Dakota!:

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

2 Months!

Can you believe our little guy is already two months old?! I can only because of how quickly he’s growing – I think he’s beating Savannah believe it or not! His checkup is in a couple days but by my scale he weighs 13 lbs – almost double his birth weight – already. My arms are already getting tired..

I only had to take about a fourth of the pictures I had to last month as there was no tipping over this time. That’s right, he just sat in the chair looking around with no risk of flipping over the side. Amazing boy! And loved Matisse the Monkey in the first set so I’m planning to keep him every month, just don’t tell Savvy ~wink~


Savannah Swings and Minnie Needs a Diaper

The first couple of times Savannah tried the swings she did not like them at all. Last week Marc and I took her and Tyler to the park on a not-as-hot-but-super-humid day and after watching a couple other kids in them she wanted to try again.. You’ll see, it went much better!!


Savannah Swings Video


Another new playtime routine is diaper changes. Thankfully she doesn’t mess with hers too much however Minnie (and other stuffed animals) need changing a lot.. And use the potty..

Minnie Yukky Diaper!!


Wipe! Wipe!




Ooh.. Potty! Minnie Potty!



Then all of a sudden Savannah disappears from the bathroom and comes back with Frog.. Who is ready for the big potty…



And visits Minnie on the potty (how inappropriate these animals are!!)..



And they all leave as one happy family..


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Savvy and the Stairs

While at the park by our house I’ve been showing Savannah to hold on to the side so she can climb it herself. A lot of the reason is to then have her go down the slide by herself – she loves it but always wants to sit on our laps for it if we are near her.

All of a sudden, she took the climbing ability from the park to our house and now climbs up and down the stairs by herself!!