Monday, November 16, 2015

The Alligator

One of our neighbors has an alligator in their yard. He's nice and friendly and doesn't bite even when Tyler smacks hi.. Repeatedly in the head. Everyday we walk to school or the small Park we have to stop to pet and feed him. He eats rocks, twigs and the occasional leaf if it's nearby but never the acorn looking pieces Savannah picks up.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Scrub a Dub Fun

In an effort to streamline our bedtime routine I’ve started bathing the kidlets in my tub together. It works great! They have plenty of room to play and of course it takes half the time since it’s just one bathtime instead of two.

Tyler ends up coming out first as he is still standing up – I give him a couple warnings but then out he comes. And for the rest of Savannah’s bathtime he runs out of the bathroom into the loft while we say “Bye Tyler!” then comes back for us to say “Hi Tyler!” to which he cracks up every time. He brings Savannah and I all sorts of presents from the loft too.. Toys, books, papers to shred.. Pretty much anything he finds out there.

Savannah has been making all sorts of “food” so we can have a picnic. She loves doing things pretend now - everything from pretend picnics to pretend getting hurt (??) and pretend swimming. Tonight she gave me soup, chicken nuggets and jello from her bath tub kitchen  lol 

In case I didn't share this earlier, here's an earlier video of Tyler watching the tub fill:

And some pictures of our new bathtime: