Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday

While people are out trying to buy their children's affection at a discounted price we are hanging out in our pajamas having fun. Tyler rolled from his back to his belly off a pillow, Savvy joined in by rolling around the whole room to entertain Tyler for tummy time, and we built our first fort for Savvy to play in. Never would've known we'd been up with Savvy screaming and crying from her mouth hurting in the wee hours!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

My Little Sous Chef

When she’s not keeping Tyler entertained dancing with his feet or running laps with Melanie Savannah has been helping me in the kitchen. I love the help and she loves being involved! She is a good pourer and mixer so most times I call her over if I have something to mix. The bowl goes on the floor (really glad I clean it every night now!), I measure what we need and she pours it into the bowl for me. Once all the ingredients are added I hand her the spoon and she goes to town mixing. She is so happy and proud of herself when she finishes!




Last night I didn’t have anything in particular planned for dinner. I asked Savannah what she wanted and she said “Salad?”. Easy enough! I handed her the pieces of lettuce to rip up and she did a fabulous job! Thankfully Marc wasn’t home since he doesn’t see a salad as a meal but it worked great for us. Savannah likes hers seperated – lettuce with dressing, chicken, shredded parmesean and croutons. She always wants more of my lettuce too.




And yes, it is almost December and she has a tank top on. She has been picking her shirt out in the morning and I keep forgetting to get her summer clothes (mainly the tank tops and shorts) out of her closet. This morning, like many mornings, she scoured the closet for a “butterfly” shirt. I may have to get more as there is one left and we have at least a week or two worth of shirts left before laundry is done!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Savannah's Art from School

It turns out Savannah has a folder at school that contains her artwork for us to take home. It had a whole bunch of stuff in it! Here are the masterpieces!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Boy

I don't know that I've seen a happier baby than our little Tyler. I mean really, he's pretty much always happy! And super ticklish hehehe

Quarter of a Year

The only reason I can believe it’s already been four months with our little man is how big he is although he actually hasn’t grown too much since last month. He’s now about 25 inches tall and 17.2 lbs! Monthly pictures are sooo much easier this time around (vs with Savannah) as he is content just being within view of me and is full of smiles. It also helps we have a much better camera so they pretty much all come out great looking.



And a couple from when he realized he had a tie on that makes a really fun toy.


The Toy Book

Since our baby registry we have been on Toys R Us’ mailing list. Not long ago the big Toy Book/Gift Guide arrived in the mail. Out of curiosity I gave it to Savannah with a underlying hope she’d find a couple things she liked and show me. Well, she loved looking through all the toys but didn’t show me a single thing or even really react to anything strongly enough for me to think she really wanted it. I think she really just used it as a new book to look at – an “interactive” one since it had fold out pages! Darnit, still a guessing game for presents!


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Tyler’s First Bites

Right around Tyler’s 4 month birthday we decided to try cereal like we did with Savannah. We got him in his highchair, added a cute little bib and mixed some cereal up.




We thought it was going ok..




But then…




And defeat settled in..