Friday, May 31, 2013

9 Months

Now that our little monkey seems to be all better and I am able to sit down at my home computer (not to be confused with my work computer as I have still been working!) I’ve pulled together the 9 month pictures.. There actually weren’t too many good ones with smiles even though she is usually giggling and happy. She was too interested in playing with the fabric and escaping.
This month’s best picture complete with one of her adorable silly looks:


Playing with the fabric, hiding, and the escape..


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Almost a Crawler?!

We are getting closer to have a crawler on our hands! Savvy is getting good at pulling her legs up and rocking. She’s getting better at standing as well so could see her crawling for just a short amount of time before she takes off walking (running). In sequence (with horrible quality):


She’s been moving backwards a bunch as well ends up against furniture or the wall a proceeds to kick it or try to roll through them!

Going Backwards
Between the wall and the side table

And some big smile/laugh pictures to finish..


Friday, May 24, 2013

Another Day in Paradise (aka Meyers Daycare)

Savannah is definitely her mother's daughter just judging by her live of food and animals. She and Howard are best buds - even more so than our dogs! He lets her grab on him while ours stay just out of arms reach much of the time unless they are licking her (which I'm sure is really just in hopes they will get food off of her). And when she's laying down he's right there with her.

She had and extra treat as Lexy finished school for the year. Lexy was able to keep all her hair this time however her snack was almost snatched! It turns out she wasn't actually that hungry since she didn't eat much of her bottle or snacks, she just wanted Lexy's.. I will say Lexy usually has some good ones though :)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Savvy's First Playdate

Thanks to one of the other moms in the group, I am now back in touch with the group Marc and I attended a few times early in the pregnancy. This past Saturday I took Savvy to her first playdate! Due to scheduling only a couple other babies could make it - and it was the only other two girls from the group. They are sooo precious!! We went to the Mesa Children's Museum where they have a baby room all setup. I was told the Phoenix one is much better but this one looked so fun and is closer. We will definitely be going back - especially when Savannah is more mobile!

At first Savvy was apprehensive of the situation but I sat her in my lap then in front of me and she realized Ella and Farris were very exciting. Both are crawling so Savvy was limited on the playing but she was watching them very intently. She must've taken some good mental notes as she has been clapping ever since - something Ella was doing a lot of and Savannah had never done!!

I'm sure no one will be surprised but Savannah was the biggest of the three girls (although  maybe number 3 overall in the group). I can't tell you how glad I am to have other mommys with babies Savvy's age to talk to. There are of course many differences in reaching milestones but also many similarities and both are so helpful when I'm not sure what's going on.

A few pictures of the girls thanks to Ella's mommy..

Chillin in the big chair
The Three Amigas

Ella saying goodbye

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Second Tooth!

Savannah just got her second tooth in (the other lower front one) and it’s been a heck of a time. She’s been gnawing on everything including a dog bone she rolled into and frozen washcloths to soothe the pain. On her worse days Dakota stays by her side.. :)


After sleeping whether it be overnight or naps she is so happy in her crib. Generally she is practicing gymnastics before I get to her and more than half of the time she’s propped up on her hands when I walk in.


She loves her toys that are interactive and make noise, still seems to like the crocodile the best. I’ve been putting one of the balls in his mouth and when she notices she is determined to get it out. I swear the look on her face is “That is NOT supposed to be there!!”.

How stinkin cute are these overalls!

And last but certainly not least – videos!!
Playing and Peek a Boo with Sierra
More Crazy Laughter

Monday, May 20, 2013

Ring Around the Savvy

After 9 months it was bound to happen - Savannah had a really bad night. We don't know what caused it but she wound up with some sort of rash. We had noticed a little redness earlier in the day but thought it was from being overtired. When Marc gave her a bath he noticed redness and some bumps all over her body. She went down without a hitch but a couple hours later she was up and not a happy baby.

Apparently whatever it was really took hold of her while sleeping as she was super red and puffy!!! Needless to say she was sooo upset and rubbing her head and face. First Marc went to the store to get benadryl but they all said not for children under 2. He did find some exema lotion and we lathered her all up but it didn't seem to help. We pulled out all the books and the one from the Mayo Clinic mentioned we could use hydrocortisone cream. Thank goodness!!! Coupled with some TV to distract her she stopped crying, screaming and rubbing but I wanted to cry with how uncomfortable she looked:

She did go back to sleep a little while later in the swing, we pulled it up to the couch and I slept next to her. She did wake up a couple more times but with some more hydrocortisone, snuggles and her lovey she would swing back to sleep.

As of 6 this morning she looks MUCH better. I took her upstairs with a bottle and she is now sleeping like a healed baby in her crib. I just wish we knew what set it off as I really don't want her to go through this again!!!

Friday, May 17, 2013

First Tooth Pictures–Finally!!

Finally caught a couple picture of Savvy’s first tooth right before the second one came in!

IMG_20130512_083725 IMG_20130512_083755

Also a couple of mealtime before she stopped eating as well as before (seems to be going along with the second tooth and a possible mild fever).


She is a trooper though, I could tell she wasn’t feeling well today but still had a fun time with her toys – only difference was she didn’t have a constant smile on her face which I hope comes back soon!!


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Frogs, Babble, Balls and Pacifiers

We are having so much fun playing with Savannah. She is starting to roll the ball back to me when I roll it to her mostly by way of beating it, and while she doesn’t seem to have any toys or things (pacifier, blanket, lovie) that she’s attached to certain toys really draw her attention when she sees them. Oh, and Logan seems to be the most fascinating thing in the house..

Ba Ba Ba Ball.. Dolphin!
Rolls, Babble and Hiding

She really likes the different books and is turning the pages herself..


The spitting and screaming continue, most times the screaming seems to be hungry but alas it’s not a sure thing.. She is also drooling like she’s in competition with Niagara Falls and has a new scrunched up face (Marisa’s new favorite) that is hilarious. She does use her pacifier more now but still not too much. It’s mostly when she’s in her crib in the morning – when she wakes up she will travel all over her crib to find a pacifier then play with monkey or puppy for a while.. She’s also gnawing on Sophie a lot – only one tooth is really out so I’m thinking another may be coming soon. Maybe she’ll even let me get a picture one of these days!


Mealtimes are getting easier and easier since she eats mostly what we do.. There are still exceptions but I’m making sure she can have at least 1 or 2 of the things we eat if not all. The best part is almost every time she’s eating it all up – even when it’s something she’s never had before!


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Crazy Laughing

Twice in one day Savannah busted out laughing like crazy.. The second time we actually caught some of it on video.. I was crying from laughing so much at her!

I’m exhausted from getting the house ready for the painters and flooring guys so just a few pictures to add..

Frozen Washcloths
Love this snap even with Marc blurry
Baby Watching!
Go away - I can do it!!
"Mom, I really hate the flash"

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Da-Da Love

We can’t get enough of Daddy around here. He was switched to days and we are sooo happy for the extra time with him. The only downside is that the days he works Savannah sometimes doesn’t see him at all. But there’s no wasted day catching up on sleep when he’s off.
These two have sooo much fun together.. The first picture is very blurry but I love her facial expression! It is so hard to hear them playing and not run downstairs to join when I’m working. I have to remind myself (multiple times) that they need as much Da-Da / Daughter time as possible since I get more time with her.

20130424_20160420130424_20174320130424_201751 20130424_201754