Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Frogs, Babble, Balls and Pacifiers

We are having so much fun playing with Savannah. She is starting to roll the ball back to me when I roll it to her mostly by way of beating it, and while she doesn’t seem to have any toys or things (pacifier, blanket, lovie) that she’s attached to certain toys really draw her attention when she sees them. Oh, and Logan seems to be the most fascinating thing in the house..

Ba Ba Ba Ball.. Dolphin!
Rolls, Babble and Hiding

She really likes the different books and is turning the pages herself..


The spitting and screaming continue, most times the screaming seems to be hungry but alas it’s not a sure thing.. She is also drooling like she’s in competition with Niagara Falls and has a new scrunched up face (Marisa’s new favorite) that is hilarious. She does use her pacifier more now but still not too much. It’s mostly when she’s in her crib in the morning – when she wakes up she will travel all over her crib to find a pacifier then play with monkey or puppy for a while.. She’s also gnawing on Sophie a lot – only one tooth is really out so I’m thinking another may be coming soon. Maybe she’ll even let me get a picture one of these days!


Mealtimes are getting easier and easier since she eats mostly what we do.. There are still exceptions but I’m making sure she can have at least 1 or 2 of the things we eat if not all. The best part is almost every time she’s eating it all up – even when it’s something she’s never had before!


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