Friday, April 25, 2014

We Love Balloons

While we were outside coloring and practicing letters Savvy noticed there was a hot air balloon flying in the distance. Wow was it fun to watch! While staring it down and pointing she would say “Ba-oon!!!”. It’s the little black dot out in the sky – she really has keen eyesight!!

IMG_20140419_074315798_HDR IMG_20140419_074318597 IMG_20140419_074333018_HDRIMG_20140419_074349665_HDR


I didn’t notice until I was editing the pictures but she looks so much older in this one, must be the hands on her hips!!


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A New Ball

Friday was not one of Savannah’s happiest days, best we can figure she is teething again complete with a nose running like crazy and general whining. In a effort to help her mood (and to let me get some work done in peach – bless him!) Marc took Savannah to the store with him to pick up a few things. When they arrived home she had a new big purple bouncy ball and was happy as can be!

Not much later when it was time for her nap she would not part with it. Not a big deal except it took some creativity to keep hold of it while reading a couple books and snuggling. The end result:

IMG_20140418_122112509 IMG_20140418_122124954


She has since slept without the ball but still carrying and tossing it around a lot downstairs. She is now very skilled at maneuvering around with it although she hasn’t figured out how to carry it up the stairs with her yet. This afternoon she clung onto it while Daddy ready her some books (little ones she stores in her shopping cart).

IMG_5438 IMG_5440 IMG_5441 IMG_5442 IMG_5443 IMG_5446

New Adventures at School

We received notice that Savannah's teacher resigned about a month ago. Which stinks because I really liked her and she seemed to really like Savannah (well really, who doesn't).

This week she's been in the room next door to her normal room as they are going to paint her old room. When I picked her up today the school's director and her teacher told me she had actually spent time in the two year old room. Not only did she have fun, I was told, but as you see from the picture she tried the potty! I haven't even thought about potty training except to say no when people ask if I am doing it yet. Since her school does not require it until 3 and we already have a lot going on I'm in no big rush. So yes, I was very surprised that she tried it.

Where's my baby gone?! :-)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Dyeing Easter Eggs

We took the plunge and decided to dye eggs with Savannah this year. Four colors (pink, teal, orange and purple) as those were the food coloring colors I had on hand, a whisk, a dozen hard boiled eggs and we were ready..

IMG_5449 IMG_5450

The whisk was an effort to minimize the mess and cleanup along with doing it on the back porch so any spills would just be on the concrete. Our first egg went really well with just one near spill – caught just in time!

The First Egg

The second went well but then the impatience settled in.. I don’t know if I didn’t use enough color or it normally takes a while to get the vibrant colors but Savannah didn’t like the waiting. To fill the time she tried other things like eating an egg..


Playing with the dye spots on the ground..


Checking out her belly


Then reorganizing the eggs (they started in the big carton with the idea of moving to the small when colored)..

IMG_20140419_185409725 IMG_20140419_185411494 IMG_20140419_185412618 IMG_20140419_185536283


She was able to load the eggs into the whisk by herself (VIDEO: Loading the Whisk) but without help, would crush them trying to remove.. We ended up with 3 out of 12 crushed which seemed like a good end to me!

IMG_5460 IMG_5468 IMG_5473  IMG_20140419_185520291 IMG_20140419_185523327 IMG_20140419_190427091 

Since she stuck her hand in the cups a couple times and was handling the eggs to put into the carton after dyeing she ended up with some nice bright hands.. Marc tried to clean her up in the sink for a couple minutes but then realized it was almost bath time which would be easier.

IMG_20140419_190422991IMG_5479 IMG_5481 

And our finished eggs!


Friday, April 18, 2014

Savvy Reading

Savannah has been "reading" while flipping through her books for a while now. However she doesn't like the camera, anytime I try to catch a clip she will stop reading. Today - a very happy day I will add - I actually caught some of it!


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Wienke Market

The shopping cart Savannah received for Christmas is still a big hit, now complete with sound!


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sunday Funday

We took full advantage of not having many chores to do this weekend and had a great fun filled day with Savannah. After Marc made us a yummy pancake breakfast we headed to the school where we had heard there may be baby swings..

At the third park we found the baby swings – yay! We put Savannah in the swing and she was very unsure of the whole thing. Marc and I kneeled in front of her to assure her it was ok and when she smiled we moved the swing a little. That brought some big smiles! After a couple minutes we pushed it to go a little higher but it turned out it was too much. She got scared so we stopped the swing until she calmed down again. A little push and we got a small smile but it was short lived and she was ready to move on.

Next was the horsie which she had a great time bouncing on - even though the picture is not of her smiling. 

At that point another family had arrived to fly a kite in the grassy area. Savannah was overly excited and ran off towards the grass. Marc caught up with her first and off they went to chase the kite,

with a short stop to pick a dandelion..

then back to chasing the kite!

The kite got really high up and Savannah was pointing and squealing at it.

Then it was back to the playset for more slide and climbing time, complete with Marc and me busting our butts on the ground at the end of the slide - thankfully he's the only one caught on camera. :)

After we arrived home and had a snack we headed back outside to play with her water table. Marc even remembered (I never do) to take her clothes off before she got soaked - much easier to clean up!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

First Haircut

The mullet continues on Savvy’s hair with some nice sporadic bangs in her eyes.. Yes, she’s full out shaggy looking, enough that it’s been bothering her in the bathtub.. Until today!
Marc and I took her the Great Clips by our house for a trim. It seemed silly since she doesn’t have that much hair altogether but figured a nice cleanup would be good. Marc ended up in the chair with Savvy in his lap in the hopes she’d be calmer..


It worked for a couple minutes with the added help of the big mirror she could see herself in. But when the hairdresser starting spritzing water into her hair she spazzed a little.


We showed her the water bottle, had her spritz my hand then Savannah’s hand and explained it was just water which seemed to be ok as she calmed down and examined the water on her hand. She was a little weary when the comb and scissors came out but did really good for the remainder. Watching what was going on in the mirror seemed to help.


We of course got a little bit of the first snips to take home with us..


And the final nice and neat cut!