Wednesday, April 23, 2014

New Adventures at School

We received notice that Savannah's teacher resigned about a month ago. Which stinks because I really liked her and she seemed to really like Savannah (well really, who doesn't).

This week she's been in the room next door to her normal room as they are going to paint her old room. When I picked her up today the school's director and her teacher told me she had actually spent time in the two year old room. Not only did she have fun, I was told, but as you see from the picture she tried the potty! I haven't even thought about potty training except to say no when people ask if I am doing it yet. Since her school does not require it until 3 and we already have a lot going on I'm in no big rush. So yes, I was very surprised that she tried it.

Where's my baby gone?! :-)

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