Monday, July 22, 2013

11 Months

Holy crap, we’re almost at a year!!!

This month’s pictures did not go so well – I had to give her my carousel to keep her entertained but that of course kept her from looking at me! As you’ll see I didn’t even get any smiles.. I tried putting her on her chair but no more luck there. So maybe she was hungry, right? Well, she ate well but wow was she a mess afterwards! Raspberries, peaches, cereal and yogurt on a white onesie – not my best idea.. Might have to try again this week.


Either way – here she is!!!


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Grass, Rash and Sippy Cups - Oh My!

We have been settling into our house pretty well for the last two and a half weeks. By well I don’t mean we’re unpacked or organized, I mean we’ve made it through all the days finding what we need for the most part.

Savannah has become a pro at crawling on the tile – just a few slips but only one that ended with crying as far as I remember. It was a pretty good knock but she really didn’t cry for long at all. Marc and I chase her around the downstairs playing “I’m gonna get you!” a lot and tickle the crap out of her when we catch her. She starts laughing just when we start after her, crawls a bit and usually stops to let us catch her. She must know we’re lazy..


She is still getting used to the grass in the backyard. When I first sit her down she gives me a weird look like what is this?! I figure over time she’ll get used to it like the tile.




Bathtime is a blast! She is all over the place getting to everything she can put her hands on. One of the latest is the velcro that holds my kneeling mat on the tub. I found some foam numbers and letters and for the past couple baths have switched them with her normal toys. While she mostly takes them off the walls when I put them up she has tried to figure out how to get the back there. Mostly she trys to put one on top another so it doesn’t stick..

Bath Fun 1

Talking and Crawling in the Bath



We are down to one bottle a day now at bedtime. I figure give her another week and then we’ll try to transition it out too.  The rest of the day she’s using sippy cups with her formula, water or juice (mixed with 1/2 water). I made the mistake of letting her keep a sippy cup around in the playroom with her though. I think she kept drinking so much that when meal time came she wasn’t hungry. So now I’m trying sippy cup only at meals and snack time.

Sippy Cup



As for the “Rash” in the title, I think we’ve identified a food allergy. She had crackers with hummus for lunch and immidiately ended up with a rash around her mouth. I’m thinking it’s the sesame seeds but not sure – either way we’ll skip the hummus for a while.. Thankfully except the redness she didn’t appear to have a problem. She was giggly, laughing and crawling all over the place. And the rash went away within an hour (~phew~).



Random pictures:


Friday, July 19, 2013


Our budding bookworm loves to read – and throw her books around.. Every day – more than once – the pile is thrown all over and some taken across the room. Luckily we haven’t lost any yet!

Bookworm 1

Bookworm 2


Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Visit from the King

I watched a friend’s son (K) for a night last week and we had a lot of fun. We had just introduced Sav to her Jack(Bunny)-in-a-Box and K got a kick out of it too. Everytime the bunny popped out we yelled “BUNNY” and K would giggle. The two actually switched toys for a bit.. K allowed Sav to play with a couple pieces of his train set and K was figuring out Sav’s baby toys. And the two of them had a ball with the bubble wrap – I showed K the easiest way to pop them too hehe

Jack in the Box

Bubble Run

IMG_20130705_135750 IMG_20130705_204021

Later on K helped with Sav at dinner with a food airplane – she really liked it. No worries, while he’s holding the popcorn container he was actually giving her yogurt bites. He understood right away when I explained she was too little for popcorn. And it turns out the timing was perfect – his mommy just found out she’s pregnant so he’s going to be a big brother!!

K's Airplane

K's Airplane 2



When Marc arrived home he somehow had a little energy left and the three of them had a blast! I’m sure K was happy to have another guy to mess around with instead of just us girls :) I was surprised how well it all went – he missed Mommy and Daddy but a quick chat before bed and he was OK understanding that they’d be here to pick him up the next day. He’s such a wonderful kid.

Coming for More


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cubby Hole

While we haven’t figured out what to do with the TV etc in the Family room, Savannah and Lexy have taken over the bottom right cubby hole. They look like they’re huddled up in one of the caves I saw with dad on our road trips through various National Parks.

Savannah can’t get into the cubby herself yet but ever since she’s been crawling over to it, pulling all the books down and sitting in front of it reading. Most of the time when I go over to read one of the books to her she starts getting fidgety and crawls away after a couple minutes. Might be a no adults kind of place. :)


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Our Water Baby

Now that our pool is finally fixed we took Savvy in. Earlier in the day she sat beside me on the edge and kicked her feet in the water. After dinner we were ready to dive in. Marc took her to the side of the pool until she got used to kicking her legs.


Next, onto the top step so her l’il tushy was in the water. We didn’t get happy faces at first but she got used to it after a few minutes. Kicking, Splashing and Being Stalked by a Fly then Splashing with Daddy


After we got some smiles we got her wave rider (courtesy of grandma Wienke) and off she went! She was laughing, smiling and having a great time! She kicked her legs and floated all over the pool with us. Ride Across the Pool


We took her out and she hung out with us. After a couple minutes on my hip she leaned forward like she was going to swim and kicked her legs. After a couple seconds she turned herself onto her back – just like she was shown in swim lessons! We also took her to the wall and she immediately grabbed it (another part of swim lessons). Unlike swim lessons there was no crying – not even when she dunked her head under the water. The first time she just had a “what the heck just happened” look on her face, then she did it a couple more times.

She didn’t quite catch on that no matter where she tried eating the water it wasn’t going to taste good. But hey, we can’t cover everything in one night!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Going for a Ride

Since moving we now live one neighborhood over from some of our friends. They have been coming over to help with Savvy and unpacking – and hoping the pool is ready soon! We have been putting Lexy to work with baby duty and her latest activity is car rides. While packing I had put Savannah in a box and dragged her around me. Lexy takes it to a whole new level. She has even decorated Savvy’s car with drawings, license plate, steering wheel etc.
No matter how many times they go around, at least one of the dogs seems to get in the way.. Needless to say there is a lot of laughing – from the kids and adults!
Car Ride 1
Car Ride 2
Car Ride with Stops

Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Fourth

We were able to get Savannah out to watch her first fireworks tonight. Yay! Honestly she was distracted some of the time by the cars driving by but she did watch some. We didn't stay for the whole show since she was really tired but I did catch a couple of snaps!