Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Visit from the King

I watched a friend’s son (K) for a night last week and we had a lot of fun. We had just introduced Sav to her Jack(Bunny)-in-a-Box and K got a kick out of it too. Everytime the bunny popped out we yelled “BUNNY” and K would giggle. The two actually switched toys for a bit.. K allowed Sav to play with a couple pieces of his train set and K was figuring out Sav’s baby toys. And the two of them had a ball with the bubble wrap – I showed K the easiest way to pop them too hehe

Jack in the Box

Bubble Run

IMG_20130705_135750 IMG_20130705_204021

Later on K helped with Sav at dinner with a food airplane – she really liked it. No worries, while he’s holding the popcorn container he was actually giving her yogurt bites. He understood right away when I explained she was too little for popcorn. And it turns out the timing was perfect – his mommy just found out she’s pregnant so he’s going to be a big brother!!

K's Airplane

K's Airplane 2



When Marc arrived home he somehow had a little energy left and the three of them had a blast! I’m sure K was happy to have another guy to mess around with instead of just us girls :) I was surprised how well it all went – he missed Mommy and Daddy but a quick chat before bed and he was OK understanding that they’d be here to pick him up the next day. He’s such a wonderful kid.

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