Monday, September 30, 2013

School Pickup

I have yet to arrive at or right before snack time with the littles sitting at the table again to get pictures but I did capture these during last Thursday’s pickup. I was (quietly) glad that she didn’t notice me for a minute so I could see her playing. After a couple minutes I said her name – I actually had to say it a couple times as she was very into the toy..


She’s spotted me!!!


And here she comes…


Love that big grin!!!!


Sunday, September 29, 2013

Finally Fall!

The monkey loves to be outside which is only wonderful now that is no longer triple digits. So far she's still not a big fan of the grass but she crawls all over the porch, colors with (and tries to eat) chalk, plays with the rocks and any other toys we are brave enough to bring outside.

Savvy has also figured out how to break out of the family room. We had put up a long gate to quarantine her when needed (like when I'm cooking dinner). The little booger has realized if she pushes on it the whole thing will move and she can squeeze herself out the side. Thankfully she hasn't wandered far so I now leave the gate open most of the time and she plays with the "toys" in the cabinet (pasta strainer, Tupperware, swiffer dusters). Which leads us to baby proofing. We don't do it. We had no plans to do it. Until now. Not everything but we are putting locks on the cabinet under the sink with cleaning supplies and detergents. I'm not worried about her banging on the pots or tossing my cutting boards. Could care less if I have to wash the Tupperware each time I use it because its been on the floor and in her mouth a few times since I washed it and put it away. But the stuff under the sink is all hyper toxic and her first action is to put it in her mouth. No time for saying no and her taking a couple times to listen.

I'm finally at the last color in her room painting.. Hopefully will be done in the next week or two (only get maybe an hour or two a week to work on it).

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Week Three at School

Today finished Savannah's third week of school. While she still cries when I'm leaving her teacher assures me it is short lived. We get a sheet everyday that tells us how and what she ate, activities and her favorite part of the day. Today's sheet is in the picture.

When I picked Savvy up on Tuesday she was sitting at the table with 5 other little girls and they were chatting and laughing. It was sooo cute but I didn't have my camera on me. Today she was playing with toys with a little girl when I arrived. Both days she was super happy which makes up for the heartache of seeing her so upset when I leave.

All in all it was a good decision for us, she is getting extra attention, playing with other kids and all new experiences. I'm getting stress relief and able to finish work by the time I pick her up so we have more quality time in the afternoon and evening.

Our other fun this week was Marc getting rear ended by a stupid driver who was not paying attention. Not only was it in a school zone but she had multiple kids in her van. People are idiots. Marc is fine but his car got towed to the shop this afternoon to be fixed. The estimate from insurance was $5k. Luckily itcwss (obviously) her fault so her insurance is covering it. Hopefully our rates don't go up!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

This week in pictures

I’ve taken a ton of pictures this week playing with the new camera – so glad we got it. For example, how great is this shot without even touching it up!!!



We had a great but busy week so I’ll just let the pictures take care of this post :)


Helping Daddy Hang the Fan and Mommy Clean



Playing with Daddy



Reading of course..



Fun at mealtimes


Sitting in her Lion Chair and the first color painted in Savannah’s room

IMG_4149 IMG_3996

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Stacking and Coloring

Today brought with it a lot of messy. We went through three outfits after getting home from school – from diaper mishap to arts and crafts to just plain old dirt. Sure, she can have a grand ol’ time in the dirt but I do change her after so it doesn’t end up all over the house or my new (awesome!) rug. She did have some “clean” time playing with her train and stacking toys.


But then we went back outside.. At night.. With chalk.. While Savannah likes to try and eat the markers more than color with them much of the time she likes drawing on the porch with chalk. Ok, so the chalk ended up in her mouth a couple times but not nearly as much as she drew with it! Note the red knees.. :)



Faint but here’s some of the artwork..



Then we were ready to go inside – or at least tease the dogs that we were out while they were stuck inside..



And off subject – a picture that shows off the new rug a bit :)


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Musical Baby

As I’ve mentioned many times, Savannah loves music. All kinds – even country much to her Daddy’s jeering! If Marc and/or I are watching a TV show she pays no attention unless music comes on – generally just the credits. When they do she stares at the screen and be-bops to it. And let’s be serious, most of the music that plays during credits is jazzed up elevator music, not good music. But no matter to her!!


Banging, Dancing and Composing


One of her birthday presents was a Mozart Music Cube. Each side has a big push button for an instrument except on one side it’s orchestra. When she pushes a button, that instrument (or all if she presses the orchestra button) plays a song. She loves it!! Unlike the TV (we try to keep the remote from her since she drops it and messes it up) she’s in control. She can do one instrument, many, change the song etc.


The Music Cube


She has also found the joy of banging. Today I saw her banging a puzzle piece on the lamp base, a block on her music cube and sorter toy and the mallet has been known to beat on everything. We did get her a small drum that lights up and makes noise when she bangs on it but she doesn’t find it as fun as I thought she would so far.


Little Drummer Girl



Coming for the camera:



Feeding Daddy the aligator puzzle piece:



Reading with Daddy: