Sunday, September 29, 2013

Finally Fall!

The monkey loves to be outside which is only wonderful now that is no longer triple digits. So far she's still not a big fan of the grass but she crawls all over the porch, colors with (and tries to eat) chalk, plays with the rocks and any other toys we are brave enough to bring outside.

Savvy has also figured out how to break out of the family room. We had put up a long gate to quarantine her when needed (like when I'm cooking dinner). The little booger has realized if she pushes on it the whole thing will move and she can squeeze herself out the side. Thankfully she hasn't wandered far so I now leave the gate open most of the time and she plays with the "toys" in the cabinet (pasta strainer, Tupperware, swiffer dusters). Which leads us to baby proofing. We don't do it. We had no plans to do it. Until now. Not everything but we are putting locks on the cabinet under the sink with cleaning supplies and detergents. I'm not worried about her banging on the pots or tossing my cutting boards. Could care less if I have to wash the Tupperware each time I use it because its been on the floor and in her mouth a few times since I washed it and put it away. But the stuff under the sink is all hyper toxic and her first action is to put it in her mouth. No time for saying no and her taking a couple times to listen.

I'm finally at the last color in her room painting.. Hopefully will be done in the next week or two (only get maybe an hour or two a week to work on it).

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