Sunday, September 15, 2013

Train Ride

Now that Savannah's balance has improved she is getting more use out of her train. She loves riding around on it!  It doesn't work well on the rug but she pushes herself all over the kitchen and dining room. Really cam in handy to keep her entertained without being too close to me while I've been sick.


Train Ride


The caboose comes apart from the front so she can use it to walk but it sides to far too fast on the tile. We've tried on the rug but so far she doesn't find it as amusing and sits down shortly after standing. She has also mastered getting the blocks into the top of the train and pushing down so they go through to the caboose.

Train Blocks and a Little Dancing


However,  her favorite part of the train is the different music it plays. I love that she is so into music and I hope it sticks with her!


Some snaps from the last week:

Playing in the Rain with Mommy20130829_112136


Playing on the couch with Daddy and Dakota:


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