Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hand Me Down Dishes to Our Own Set


Since Hubs and I moved in together we have been using the dishes his parents gave him. They are nice and colorful and serve the function of plates of course but neither of us loved the design. But why spend money on things we already have when there’s so much we don’t have and can purchase! we can put it in savings like responsible adults!


When it came time to do a wedding registry we honestly we didn’t know what to put on it since we had already combined two houses of stuff and didn’t need anything. We finally decided to register for things we could upgrade or replace that day to day we wouldn’t have done ourselves (why spend money to replace things that still perform their function?!). Because of this, the majority of our registry ended up being dinnerware and cookware with a couple linens to replace ripped ones and varied odds and ends.

Before going to the store I had mentioned to Hubs I liked the idea of having a lot of colors and while he said “OK” I couldn’t tell if he really meant it or it was one of those “OK”s that translated to “whatever you want to do, I’m not all that concerned with this stuff”. We checked out a couple department stores and most sets were bland, formal, or what I call country style. Hubs was definitely not a fan of anything floral. I was hoping for something that I liked the instant I saw it but I had the eh reaction to everything.


We then went to Kohl's where they have the Corsica and Fiesta sets. I was instantly loving all the different colors! We both quickly decided we didn’t like the square place settings then much to my happiness Hubs really seemed to get into having all different colored pieces – yay!! And the bowls are BIG – lets just say I can put an entire can of soup in it AND add fixins! Some of the patterns were nice but I figured I’d get sick of them so we registered for each of all the solid colors.

       c4807    c22939  c1308

We started receiving gifts before the wedding in May but decided that since we’d be moving around November it made more sense to continue using all our old things and keep the new ones packed from shipment to start using in the new house. Oh my goodness was it hard! Well, let’s be serious.. I started using a piece now and then (ie the pineapple slicer) just to get the excited something new! feeling.

I can now admit that I am so glad we waited until after the move to use the new gifts. Only the new things came to the new house and the old went to goodwill, back to Hub’s parents or recycling/trash (chipped, broken). It was like receiving the gifts all over again when I unpacked and put them in the cabinets! And I am still ecstatic on our dinnerware choice – they are so bright and fun!


Figuring out how to fit them all and organize in the cabinets was a whole different – pull my hair out instead of exciting – experience!


Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Tree / Chanukah Bush

Much to my happiness Hubs brought home the tree on Wednesday yet it has been in our garage since. Tonight it got cut to fit in the stand, we got it secured in the sand and Hubs put the lights on. Yes, I barely did anything. Well, I started making some more blue ornaments :)