Sunday, February 22, 2015

More Cards

A couple cards I made for our friends' kiddos that just turned 1 and 5.

Mountain Climber

One of the ways up the playset at the small Park by our hoise is what I call the "mountain". Savannah has liked going up it for a whole but just recently has been able to do it by herself (I always stand behind her just in case). I got a video of it when Marc met us at the park on Friday although she had Daddy help her a little. She had just done it 2 minutes earlier completely by herself with me behind her!

Mountain Climber:

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Tyler's Chauffeur

The walk home from the park yesterday was nice and slow - I didn't have to carry anyone! Savannah took charge of the stroller and Tyler so I took advantage and did the lazy walk on my own thing.

There were a few sidewalk run offs, some swaying right to left and pit stops to watch cars and trucks pass but it was a nice break for my arms.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Zumba Buddies

I have finally figured how to fit in exercise some days even though Tyler isn't sleeping through the night consistently. Marc's mom gave me her Zumba set to try and while I'm looking like a crazy flailing person it still seems to be a good workout. I haven't been able to get through the full workout but I've done the 20 minute express one twice and today I made it 30 or so minutes into the regular one (not sure how long it is) before Tyler started fussing from his nap.

This afternoon I left the box with the set on the floor and Sav immediately went through it when we returned home from the park. I don't know what they're for yet but she pulled out the Zumba sticks. It turns out they are kind of like rain sticks and make noise when you shake them. Both Sav and Tyler had a blast with them!

Monday, February 16, 2015

President’s Day

Savannah’s school is closed today for President’s Day so I have both kidlets here with me all day. I did get a bunch of work done last night so I didn’t have as much to do today but they have been doing great at entertaining themselves and each other.

Savannah served us breakfast.. Tyler’s might’ve been a little tough and smokey since it consisted of a bunch of cars but I got the croissant!!



They played with toys and read books together..



Savannah kept Tyler entertained with a show..

Savannah's Show 1

Savannah's Show 2

Savannah's Show 3

Savannah's Show 4


And the best part of the day, I found a way to work out with both of them - a dance game for the Nintendo Wii! May not be my best workout but we were sweating like crazy and had a great time. Tyler watched and bounced in his jumper and Savannah did a lot of jumping.


Hangin Tough

I’m sure my parents have at least tried to block it out of their memories but I loved New Kids on the Block. LOVED! And the other day at the park I got videos that match perfectly to one of their songs! Of course, YouTube doesn’t have it as one of the songs I can add to the video so it’s just playing in my head..

We went to the park by our house with Lexy and Marisa. Savannah wanted to do the monkey bars and hang – the videos are the third and fourth time, the first she hung on much longer!! She’s got some power in those arms of hers..

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Speed Reader

She had a little hiatus but Savvy's love of books has come back. Most days there are a dozen or so to pick up at night before we head upstairs, not counting any upstairs in the loft or her room.

As if her "reading" wasn't great enough, she's now using it to entertain Tyler. Tonight Tyler was starting to fuss a little (yes a little which equates to screaming with other babies) while I was finishing up dinner. Super Big Sis brought him a toy, Ran to the other room, brought back a book and started reading to him. Followed by another.. And another.. I believe there were six in the kitchen by the time we sat down - about 10 minutes later. She looks at every page and either says words of things she sees or sometimes I just hear jibberish (maybe what she thinks I sound like when I read to her?!).Tyler LOVED every minute of it, his fussing turned to smiling and giggling when she would say things like "Oh wow look!".

On a side note, as if I didn't know how great my kidlets are, this morning we went out to breakfast and another table picked up our check. They meant it to be anonymous but we were waiting for our check and the waiter finally told us someone else took care of it because we were "such a joy to have breakfast next to". The other table's waitress even stopped by again (she had taken a few steps at Tyler earlier) to relay their sentiments. I was floored. They told us who it was (didn't mention it was supposed to be anonymous) so we thanked them profusely - which is when they told us it was meant to be anonymous. I apologized and told them our waiter only told us because we were waiting for our check and he had to say something. I hope they weren't upset with him or their waitress! They told us again how great (they used a different word I can't think of now) our kidlets were and that they were adorable. I was able to get one more thank you out along with a have a nice day before Savannah was dying to go running up and down the shopping center's sidewalk - our weekly ritual. I am still gushing over it all if you can't tell. Marc and I really got lucky with our wonderful little ones!!