Thursday, December 18, 2014

Kidlets Hanging Out

I’m behind on posts and pictures and have a ton of older ones of the kidlets hanging out and playing.

Tyler longing for Savannah’s Banana



Morning before Savvy gets dressed.



Watching TV together



Snuggle Time



Almost Family Dinner (missing Daddy)



Hanging Outside


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hanukkah 2014

One of the presents Poppa David and Nana Tena brought was a menorah for the kidlets. It is just adorable. Savannah has been bringing her kitchen stool to the island to look at it throughout the day and naming off the different animals and clowns.





On the first night of Hannukah we lit the candles, read part of a book about Hannukah and Savannah got a piece of “gelt” which she loved almost as much as the menorah and fire. We’re waiting for any other presents until Daddy is home on the fourth night. I put the camera on the counter by the fridge with the timer to get some pictures of us. Savannah thought it was so cool and kept wanting “more picture”. Tyler was ready for bed after only an hour or so of naps all day.




On the second night of Hannukah Tyler had fallen asleep but Savannah was ready for the “candle”. I did the prayer one word at a time and she repeated each word after me.




On the third night of Hannukah Savannah begged for me to do the big camera again. Look at those smiles! And there was a ton of giggles too. And I just realized the menorah is facing away from the camera – whoops!




On the fourth night of Hannukah…

Ready for Bed

Today Tyler and I did some errands which means he didn't nap much - he doesn't sleep much in the car. So by 530 he was super tired. We made it until 615 before he really got upset . I tried feeding him, the swing, his pacifier and lovey but he was just too upset.

The pictures are from 715 after we got upstairs and changed into pajamas. Would never know, if I hadn't seen it, how upset he had been! Such a cute boy.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Reading in the Dark

Our nightly routine when Daddy is at work is Tyler's bath, pajamas, read a book or two with him, nurse/bottle with music then bed followed by pretty much the same with Savvy. During Tyler's time Savvy finds ways to entertain herself with bits of showing us. Usually there is some playing with her blocks and bringing us pieces as "presents", playing with other toys (can't really tell you which ones since I can't see the loft), reading, singing and dancing.

Tonight was a reading night. She read a little to us then laid down to read the rest to herself while Tyler finished up. I couldn't hide that I was taking pictures because of the flash and she not only didn't tell me "no picture", she told me "more!". Love this girl!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

I Can Do It (almost)

Tyler is working on his motor skills, he's getting better at grabbing and tonight was really trying to maneuver his bottle. He got it to his mouth but not tilted to get the milk. So close!

Bottle Grabbing:

Dynamite Dancer of the Month

Savannah has been doing the Tots in Motion class at school for a couple months now. I call it dance class ("it's time to go to dance class!). Her teacher Miss Lisa tells me she's doing wonderfully and when I ask Savannah if she had fun she smiles real big and tells me "Yes!!". She is the youngest of the class - normally they don't take kids until 2.5 but we did a trial and Miss Lisa was thoroughly impressed at how well she listened and did everything so she was more than happy to let Savannah start early. When I picked her up on Wednesday she had a ribbon in her hand - she is Dynamite Dancer of the Month! She was just glowing and I of course am even more proud of her! I can't wait until next week when it is parent observation day. Hopefully it doesn't mess her up so I can see her in action. ☺

Razor Sharp

After playing with our neighbors for a while this afternoon Savannah brought out her scooter (given to her by our neighbors). She usually just walks around with it unsure of how to use it but today she put one foot on and the other on the ground. I guided her down the driveway and she started to move her grounded foot the right way. When we got to the sidewalk I helped her turn, pulled a little until I saw her foot moving again then told her to keep going. She did it! It was great! She had a great time scooting around and pulling/pushing it around.