Monday, November 24, 2014

The Toy Book

Since our baby registry we have been on Toys R Us’ mailing list. Not long ago the big Toy Book/Gift Guide arrived in the mail. Out of curiosity I gave it to Savannah with a underlying hope she’d find a couple things she liked and show me. Well, she loved looking through all the toys but didn’t show me a single thing or even really react to anything strongly enough for me to think she really wanted it. I think she really just used it as a new book to look at – an “interactive” one since it had fold out pages! Darnit, still a guessing game for presents!


Friday, November 21, 2014

Just Layin Around

One of if not my favorite part of the days is watching the kidlets interact. Savvy loves being on the floor with Tyler and based on his looks, he adores his big Sister. Sometimes I am directed to lay down with them, other times I'm not allowed in the club but either way it melts my heart.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sock Puppets for Tyler

Tonight while I was cleaning up from dinner Savannah was entertaining Tyler. First she read to him from a new Thomas the Train book Nana brought her this morning. While I didn’t understand most of the story, Tyler was immensely interested.

A few minutes later I saw Savannah take one of Tyler’s socks followed by the other. I couldn’t understand why but after I turned back to the sink they were both giggling. I turned around and caught this!

Sock Puppets for Tyler



We've got pigtails! I need some - maybe a lot - of practice but was able to get the bands in with no crying (There was one owie).

Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Family Show

I am trying to get better with floor time with Tyler, especially tummy time. So far mornings before Savannah goes to school are working well. This morning Marc and Sav were watching Family Guy when I brought Tyler downstairs. Apparently everyone loves this show - Tyler held himself up for a super long time to watch!

Then he had some silly face and tickle time with Daddy.

New Dining Room Table

We bought a Dining Room table yesterday, Marc picked it up today and with the help of a neighbor got it into the house. They didn't have the chair in Stock so we ordered them and are going to look around for others (the ones on order won't be here until after Thanksgiving).

After her nap Savvy saw the table and fixed the chair issue. She them promptly served us "lunch" - Daddy got a potato, she got an apple with croissant and I got ICE CREAM! My kind of meal!

Hand and Foot

Sneak peek at some hand and foot Thanksgiving crafts.