Monday, June 15, 2015

Guess who's Crawling!

He's figured it out! I think Sav was most excited that Tyler is now crawling make goes away from him and says "Come here Buddy!" and he just grins and crawls over.

Video 1: Tyler crawling 1:

And my favorite since he pulls the car to him : Tyler crawling 2:

Tyler in his Walker (Video)

I Get Around.. And Up and Down!:

Savannah's Haircut and Tyler on the Move

Marc had to leave earlier Sunday morning so after breakfast and some playing I headed out with the kiddos before it got too hot. We've been talking about getting Savannah a haircut for a while - enough that she mentions it too! - so first up we went to Great Clips. She did great! I just had them trim it since we're still waiting on the front to grow more.

Then off we went to the used toy store. While at my dentist appointment I was talking with the girl up front and she mentioned her son loved his Walker. Savannah never had one but since Tyler loves standing I figured he might enjoy it. Savannah got to pick out a toy too - she of course picked another blue car!

When we arrived home Tyler was ready for nap so I took him upstate then Savannah and I had lunch. She went to nap shortly after (the heat really takes a lot of energy out of us!). I got out the cleaning Wipes and scrubbed the Walker down.

When Tyler woke I brought him down, got him some food then put him in the Walker. He loved it! He only figured out moving backwards but he was grinning and bouncing and Oh so happy! For $15 it was totally worth it!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Music Gives Life Harmony

So now we have two that stop everything and turn towards the music of the credits on TV shows!

Music Lover Like His Sister:

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Tyler's New Book

Tyler has not been interested in books so far. I've read to him and given him a couple to play with but he just moves them away. I've been bummed but I know it's early so things can change.

A week or so ago Savannah brought over Pat the Bunny to read with me. To avoid a possible attitude from Savannah, I waited until she was done reading and putting the books away (4 books later) and kept Pat the Bunny with me. I guided Tyler's hand to the soft furry bunny page and it was all over. He "loved" (pat, smack, eat) the Bunny like crazy! When he finally let go I tried to show him another page but he just wanted the Bunny.

A couple days later was the Usborne Book party I attended and they have a ton of "touchy feely" books. I knew what I was getting him!! The morning after I received my box of books I gave Tyler his new one and he LOVED it! Every page of it (me helping to turn the pages)! Yay!! I received another in my consultant kit a few days later that he hasn't seen yet (still obsessed with the first). I hope this is the start of a great love of reading like Sav and I have!

Baby Class Mystery Solved!

Savannah has been telling me she wants to go to the baby class when we go to school. She is usually really tooth Tyler but I didn't enough to be in his class. I would ask her things like Don't you want to play with your friends? And tell her the baby class doesn't get outside time or computer time but she still wanted the baby class.

I've been getting Savannah from her class first since she likes to go get Tyler (she'll run down to his class door and wait while I'm talking to her teacher). Today was no different. I opener the door to his class and she walked in, smiled and said hi to Tyler. I picked his giggly self up and when I turned around I found Savannah kneeling on the floor sharing big smiles with Tyler's classmate Matthew. I don't know if she gets this happy about Cars! Matthew seems smitten with her too. When we leave, he crawls over to the door and stands up to watch her as long as possible. If she notices she'll go up to the door and they make faces and put their hands "together" on the door. Serious cuteness!!