Friday, October 24, 2014

Tyler Coos

The little guy is a big talker - more than I remember Savannah talking. The video isn't much since he gets distracted by the phone but I don't have a plain sound recorded. 

VIDEO: Tyler Talking

Another Lost Teacher

Savannah’s current teacher, Ms Candice, is leaving Monday for another job. I’m very curious as to why so many teachers leave after a short amount of time and if it’s normal in this type of school/daycare situation but of course the school would give some PC answer that doesn’t tell me anything.


Savannah has really opened up more since being in Ms Candice’s class so as a thank you I made her a tumbler. It was also good practice before I decorate the water bottle I bought for Savannah (it’s like mine but a little smaller and purple).


IMG_20141023_133200608[1] IMG_20141023_133154749[1]

Monday, October 20, 2014

Making Monsters

While at the dollar store I found a set of monster cut outs with stickers for eyes, mouths, noses etc and figured it would be and easy fun thing to do with Savvy. She had a great time! Had a real tendency to the eyes - all her monsters ended up with tons of eyes and some nothing else. I'm planning on putting them on our front door as our decorations.

We've got a Costume!

We took the kids to Party City on Sunday to get Savannah a Halloween costume. They have pictures all over one wall but a bad setup - they were placed vertically meaning the costumes for Sav were in one section from floor to almost ceiling and she couldn't see most of them. She was also distracted by all the decorations around so I narrowed it down based on her highest interests, Minnie and Butterflies. She said Minnie so I asked red or pink and she said pink. And here it is ☺

Num Num

Recently Tyler has started gumming his hands and arm - and me when I hold him. I take it as a good alternative to pacifiers at least until his teeth start coming in!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Monkey Thief

Savannah has been giving Tyler random toys for him to see as a nice big Sister. This afternoon he was getting restless while I was making dinner so I grabbed the toy closest to him and gave it to him - Sav's small sock monkey. I think he was a fan. And if drool is anything like cat pee, he has claimed it as his own!