Saturday, October 25, 2014

VWFW Midwives Appreciation Picnic

Saturday afternoon our midwives’ office had a picnic for all their patients. We arrived very late due to a delayed nap from Savannah but luckily a couple of her friends were still there to play with. Ella, who Savannah asks for a lot, as well as Ariston were playing in the big sandbox. Savannah was quick to join in the fun while Ella’s mom and grandma babynapped played with Tyler.



After a while in the sandbox we noticed there were a bunch of bunnies running around and pointed them out to the kids. They were off and running lickity split trying to get them! Ariston pulled some good maneuvers trying to sneak up on them but no luck.



After a little bunny chasing we ended up down by the lake watching the ducks. And throwing leaves in the water. I think they were trying to convince the ducks to come closer but the ducks knew their ploy..



I can’t pinpoint exactly why since all of the pictures are so cute but my favorite picture from the day is this one with Savannah and Ariston.. They look so grown up!



I am in love with the blog Fun at Home with Kids that I recently ran across. I think I found it from the “Reasons Why My Son is Crying” Facebook page but not sure.

Regardless, the first post I saw I just had to try with Savannah – it was for Magic Foaming Spiders. Sav LOVES spiders. Well, she hasn’t seen a real one yet but any others she loves – like the massive one our neighbors have in their yard for Halloween. We pass it every day to and from school and she always says “Hi Spider!” and “Bye Bye Spider” with a wave. I thank my lucky stars that the spider as big as a VW car (or even if it was just a few inches) is not real or I’d be dead from fear and shock on the sidewalk. I don’t even want to hear how afraid of us they are..


Back to our Magic Foaming Spiders.. There was some prep work that I did after the kidlets were asleep. Ok, so I could’ve let Sav help but then she would’ve wanted to play with them and we would’ve just had messy spiders instead of Magic Foaming Spiders. It was real easy – Just mix baking soda, cornstarch and liquid watercolor together, mold into “spider” shape, add pipe cleaner legs (and yes, mine only have 6 legs each instead of 8.. I may have ripped a couple out to give myself a running chance) then put in freezer overnight. Ours actually stayed in a couple nights so we could do it with Daddy.


Last night before bed Daddy brought in the spiders and put a bunch of vinegar in a pan. After the first one dropped in the pan the foam began! I’m guessing my proportion of coloring to baking soda/cornstarch was low because on the site where I found it their foam was super pretty and ours was white. Not that Savannah cared (or knew the difference) but I was really hoping for colored foam.



She loved watching the foam and kept saying “Spiders!” over and over.



Once the three spiders were in the pan, she started playing with the foam and pulling the spiders out to check on them.



Soon enough (after adding vinegar multiple times) they had fizzled out and she was left with a pan of liquid and pipe cleaners. She kept shaking it trying to get more foam (what I had done to get more foam before adding vinegar) but alas, they were gone.



The only downside – she was not happy when we told her it was all done. We promised we’d do the foam again another day even offered other shapes like stars and hearts and she seemed satisfied..

Friday, October 24, 2014

Three months old!

At three months old our little man is about 16 pounds and I believe about 25 inches tall (I measured with measuring tape while he was laying down but not sure if it’s completely accurate). Either way he’s a BIG guy!

He smiles almost all the time, sleeps most of the way through the night (7PM to 4 or 5AM most nights), loves watching his sister play, the fan and ceiling lights although not a huge fan of tummy time. His eyes are still a brilliant blue as of now too!

This month’s number one picture:



Some of the others from our photo shoot:


Tyler Coos

The little guy is a big talker - more than I remember Savannah talking. The video isn't much since he gets distracted by the phone but I don't have a plain sound recorded. 

VIDEO: Tyler Talking

Another Lost Teacher

Savannah’s current teacher, Ms Candice, is leaving Monday for another job. I’m very curious as to why so many teachers leave after a short amount of time and if it’s normal in this type of school/daycare situation but of course the school would give some PC answer that doesn’t tell me anything.

Savannah has really opened up more since being in Ms Candice’s class so as a thank you I made her a tumbler. It was also good practice before I decorate the water bottle I bought for Savannah (it’s like mine but a little smaller and purple).

IMG_20141023_133200608[1] IMG_20141023_133154749[1]

Monday, October 20, 2014

Making Monsters

While at the dollar store I found a set of monster cut outs with stickers for eyes, mouths, noses etc and figured it would be and easy fun thing to do with Savvy. She had a great time! Had a real tendency to the eyes - all her monsters ended up with tons of eyes and some nothing else. I'm planning on putting them on our front door as our decorations.