Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Day of Savannah's Clothes

Savannah has some of the cutest stinkin clothes.. In the course of the day they go from bright and sunny to dirty as all get out! The way I look at it is the nastier they are the better the day was. We'll as long as it's not just boogers and dog hair.

This morning's picture doesn't have the best expression - it is her pick me up face which happens a lot.. I mean a LOT.. More often than we can do it.. Especially since she just wants us to chauffer her around on our hips while she points to send us all over the house, front and back with no actual destination.

This afternoon's picture was after school, a snack and playing outside (back then front). And right before I got the face again that I had to turn down so I could make dinner..  Thankfully I got the picture before the face!

I can't even adjust the color for the pictures enough to show today's after shot but there are parts of her pants where you can't tell they were ever pink. Thank goodness for Tide and a husband who does laundry!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pumpkin Pickin

Over the weekend we took Sav over to Fry's to get our pumpkins. She loved the piles and was cruising around them checking them out. She stopped at a couple of them for a bit very interested until she noticed there were Huge ones behind her. Of course she then pointed at them -  her way of telling us what she wants.

We picked up three normal sized pumpkins then headed into the store for a couple things.  I grabbed an avocado and the baby pumpkins were right next to them.  I had to get her one! She couldn't decide which she liked better but the baby pumpkin ended up getting a bonk (head butt) so it won in the end. Yes,  she is bonking things she likes.. I pretend they are baby kisses. The dogs get them, a few of her toys, Daddy and I too :-)

On a different note, after dinner when I was taking her to the sink to get cleaned up she saw Marc,  pointed and very clearly said "Daddy!"! It was awesome even more so since it had baby pronunciation!

Those Funny Dogs

We have been spending more time outside now that it’s cooled off. At least a half a dozen times a day Savannah goes to the back door and signals for us to let her out. Signals include pointing, hitting the door, whining.. Anything to get our attention.

The other afternoon I let the dogs out with us and they were itching to play. They ran around, jumped at each other (what I call Gladiators) and just had fun. Savannah found it VERY entertaining!! I even caught some big laughs on video..

Dogs are Funny Video


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Lounging at Dinner

Savannah has a laid back attitude towards meals. Sometimes she eats anything she can get her hands on, sometimes she tosses everything to the dogs.. Sometimes she puts her feet up


Sometimes she strikes a pose.. and makes faces at us..


Playing with her spoon is a mus…


Regardless, she is usually a mess at the end of the meal!


Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall Festival

Over the weekend we took Savvy to a Fall Festival nearby. We had a great time in beautiful weather - warmer than I expected! It was a small festival with minimal rides which was perfect for us since Sav couldn't ride them and it made for minimal crowds.

At the entrance there was a pumpkin display that I'm sure was setup for pictures so guess what we did.. :)

A smile? You left me and want a smile?!

Initally she was unsure of the situation - mainly the feeling of the hay - but she quickly warmed up to them. She even became happily curious about them.

I'll take these!

Ooh a handle!!

Next up we went over to see the donkeys. They are so cute so coupled with our little monkey we have uber-cuteness!!

Daddy Showing How to Pet the Donkey
Watching the Second Donkey Eat
Hanging with the Donkey

Then there was the corn maze.. We didn't try to walk through it but it was adorned with Savvy sized Pumpkins which she loved! Well, after she got over the weird straw/hay stuff they were sitting on..

Look at this little cutie!
Imma get it!!

She took one down with her to sit and they became good buddies watching the big kids run through the maze..

Sav and her baby pumpkin
Watching the maze runners
Fun with the baby pumpkin

A short stop at the Princess Carriage with Jasmine - turns out Savannah's not into Princesses yet..

A quick walk over to the pumpkin patch...


She played with some bigger pumpkins and the leaves until a horse drawn trailer caught her attention.

Greens, oohhh...
Big pumpkin

Look at the horsie!

No more pictures Mommy!!
Next up – the petting zoo! We saw some little goats who were curious about our little Sav (the feeling wasn’t exactly mutual)..
What are those Daddy??
They look kind of cute..
They're getting closer...
One of the workers held a goose for her to see and pet.. It took some coaxing but she did end up touching him and giggling.
She stared down a chicken hiding under a slide…
Until one of the goats snuck up on her and stole her attention!
And last stop was the ponies which were very funny..
We had such a good time out with our monkey and it seems she did too considering the Looong nap afterwards!