Thursday, October 17, 2013

Painting and Sorting While I Work

What is a little one to do while her mommy is working on the computer? Play on the other computer of course! I found a few games on the BabyFirst website that only have her hit the spacebar to play. She’s actually getting better at just hitting the spacebar but hits the other keys a lot too – including keys that do all sorts of other things on the computer like the Windows key.




With some great suggestions from Mimi, I also brought some stuff from my craft room out for her to play with. I have a half dozen or so fake flowers from Ikea that she likes to hold and wave around as well as a tote that I use to bring things downstairs to work on. I gave them to her and she has been putting the flowers in and out of the different pockets then sitting back to stare at her work. She also found the crumpled up paper I left in it which ended up being more things to sort in the pockets. Yay for easy toys!!



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