Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Day of Savannah's Clothes

Savannah has some of the cutest stinkin clothes.. In the course of the day they go from bright and sunny to dirty as all get out! The way I look at it is the nastier they are the better the day was. We'll as long as it's not just boogers and dog hair.

This morning's picture doesn't have the best expression - it is her pick me up face which happens a lot.. I mean a LOT.. More often than we can do it.. Especially since she just wants us to chauffer her around on our hips while she points to send us all over the house, front and back with no actual destination.

This afternoon's picture was after school, a snack and playing outside (back then front). And right before I got the face again that I had to turn down so I could make dinner..  Thankfully I got the picture before the face!

I can't even adjust the color for the pictures enough to show today's after shot but there are parts of her pants where you can't tell they were ever pink. Thank goodness for Tide and a husband who does laundry!

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