Saturday, June 28, 2014

Dinner and a Show

The other night Marc and I were treated to a show during dinner. All of a sudden Savvy started singing and dancing all kinds of tunes. And even better – she let me capture a bunch on video!!!
Savvy Signing
A Little Singing, a Lot of Dancing and a Lot of Cheering
Mommy's Itsy Bitsy Spider
Daddy's Itsy Bitsy Spider
Savvy's Itsy Bitsy Spider

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Water on the Wall

Tonight's biggest laugh and smile came from throwing water on the wall in the tub. I thought she was going to fall over she was laughing so much and I was cracking up just watching her from my perch on the toilet. 😂

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Gazillion Bubbles!

We haven’t been able to stay outside too long due to the weather (over 100 every day and I’m already exhausted!) but in an effort to keep her entertained while out I bought her a bubble machine. We had been using a handheld one and wand but sometimes it’s nice to have a gazillion of them around. :)

No surprise, she loved them! At first she was excited from afar but then I ran through them a couple times to get her to follow and she really started playing. Now she says “Bubbles” at least once a day so we can do it again – luckily most times in the morning before it’s super hot!
Bubbles 1
Bubbles 2

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Helping Daddy with Yardwork

Even in the heat (it’s been 106+ here for a week or two) Savannah still loves being outside. Marc usually does some yardwork while he’s home for the weekend and Savannah will watch or try and help. Her favorite seems to be pest control – she likes pumping the container Smile


Sunday, June 15, 2014


Savannah still has a great time in the bath – she asks us “Bath?” every night even though she only gets one every other night. Some nights she plays with the pitcher we use to rinse her off and a cup or two, some nights she has bubbles that keep her entertained. The other night she took out ALL of her toys and I realized she may have too many..

We may have to start rotating them like we do her toys downstairs..
Another bath activity she enjoys is reading – which is funny as she isn’t reading in her downstairs corner like she used to. Hopefully she keeps with the overall enjoyment of reading!
VIDEO: Bathtime Reading

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Waterpark

We setup a playdate for Savannah at a water park that has a “zero gravity” pool. I honestly did not know what it was but figured the others were her age so we should be good. Turns out it’s a pool you walk into like the ocean instead of stairs or having to jump in. Savannah had a BLAST!

First we all sat and tested the waters getting used to it. Well, Joey took off and was exploring the whole pool but the rest of us were in the shallow area.


Daddy walked her in a little more for her to play and later on she was walking a good 6+ feet in between us back and forth. She took a couple flops on her face but when I got her up she was cracking up! I think she’s going to be a fish like me – yay!!


Here are the three monkeys splashing on the side of the pool.. It took us a few minutes to convince Savannah to go to the side but finally worked..


And when it was time to go, Savannah got a great big hug from Ella!!


Monday, June 9, 2014

Dancing with Darius

Our AC downstairs isn’t working again so Savannah and I stayed upstairs most of the day to work and play. More toys are downstairs than here but I figured see how it goes and I could go get some if needed.. We did some reading..



Followed by a snack accompanied by music from Darius Rucker – Marc will love that I’m getting her into country music I’m sure!

Dancing with Darius 1

Dancing with Darius 2


After playing on the computer for 15 minutes she was ready to get moving and hopped off my lap. All I could hear was a bunch of running around and giggling with doggie play growling. It was great! I had all the dogs come upstairs with us since it was so hot downstairs and the five (with Savannah) were running from Marc’s and my room across the loft to her room and back. Although I couldn’t see in there I think they were going through the bathroom and into Savannah’s “tunnel” in our closet (the hanging portion in the middle she can climb under) to turn around. I was working but had to turn around a bunch to watch them all going crazy. I think we’ll be staying up here more even when the AC is fixed – the chair is much better on my back anyways!

Dog Chasing

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Keeping up with Daddy

We have been Skyping with Marc most nights while he’s away so Savannah gets to see and talk to him. She signs Daddy to me every time I’m on the phone – regardless who I’m talking to – but even when it is Daddy she won’t say hi or respond to him. However, when the Skype program starts she starts getting excited and lately when Marc pops up on the screen she’s all smiles and giggles to say hi. And apparently thirsty – she ALWAYS starts drinking her water or gets upset if I’ve forgotten it (really try to remember!!).

That being said, her attention span is still short so after a few minutes she’s off to color, play or get a book. The past couple weeks Marc has taken a book with him to read to her but it hasn’t caught on yet. The other night when he was on the third page she hopped off my lap, grabbed a book from her shelf, climbed back on my lap and started reading back to Daddy. It was so stinkin’ cute! I think she ended up reading it to him three times – much longer than their normal “chats”!

VIDEO1: Skype with Daddy

VIDEO2: Skype with Daddy

VIDEO3: Skype with Daddy 



Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Musical Chairs

After setting the table for dinner Savvy was ready to get in the chair and eat. Instead of pulling out her chair and putting her arms up signaling me to put her in her booster she pulled out my chair and climbed up. Had no idea she could get up there - she still isn't much of a climber which I am totally good with!

Curious as to how she'd eat since she wasn't able to see much over the table I sat down to watch. She did great! She sat properly for the whole meal, used her spoon and asked nicely for more sour cream and a chip (using her words instead of just pointing and making noise). She even signed and said "all done" when she was finished which she hasn't been doing as much of in her booster, she's been pushing herself from the table and whining.

We'll see if it continues or was a one time thing but we may not need a second baby chair after all. :-)

Monday, June 2, 2014

Playing with Lexy

Marisa called it Demolition Derby.. I called it Twisted Metal.. Either way, the girls had a lot of fun!!


Savvy's Car Ride 1

Savvy's Car Ride 2


And here they are playing soccer.. If you can call Savannah picking up and stealing the ball soccer. Smile