Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Oh, Sophie!

One of Tyler’s Christmas presents was Sophie the Giraffe and he loves her! He hasn’t figured out how to make her squeak yet but he gnaws on her like candy and loves when we make her dance in front of him.



Monday, December 29, 2014

Tyler and the Green Beans

While Tyler will eat rice cereal now he still doesn't seem to really like it. While in Flagstaff for Christmas we had green beans with dinner and I used them to try out Nana Wienke's Magic Bullet. I got sidetracked while trying to prepare them so Nana actually made them. Tyler LOVED them!! When he saw the spoon he would lean forward to get it and ate all that was in the bowl. He is mama's boy - I still love green beans!


Tyler's Growth Chart

With Marc home for two weeks I've been getting a lot done that's been on my list for months. One is Tyler's Growth Chart. It's across from Sav's bit instead of doing all vinyl I painted the lines and just did vinyl numbers and the letter T. Part of the reason is Sav has picked a few of the lines from hers off.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Making Cookies

After the holidays and our trip to Flagstaff I decided I wanted some cookies.. Like I hadn’t had enough junk food but whatever! So I asked Savannah if she wanted to help me and of course she said yes. We put on our aprons, pulled her small table into the kitchen and got going. Well, after a quick round of the house with the stroller.


First was measuring the dry ingredients and mixing together. 




I showed her to scrape the excess off the top with her finger, it translated to stick your finger into the cup and swoosh the ingredient all around.




There was mixing..



And eggs! She really tried but I just needed the egg white and it all got into the bowl. I snuck another egg white into the bowl where we needed it while she wasn’t looking..




Our New York Cheesecake Cookies!





Saturday, December 27, 2014

MMmm Ribs

We all know Savannah is a great eater yet she still surprises me. We had ribs for dinner and I was just hoping she would try them. She not only tried them, she LOVED them! She devoured every last piece of meat – and maybe even gristle – she oould get her teeth on. We need to get this girl to Sonny’s!!



Thursday, December 25, 2014

Savannah and the Snow

While we were in Flagstaff for Christmas it snowed – yay!! Savannah thought it was great – after her initial “what the heck?!” reaction. She tried catching the snowflakes as they fell..




Cousin Megan showed her how to ball it up and throw snowballs..




Dakota was completely in his element too.



It made for a great view too!




Wednesday, December 24, 2014

5 Months!

At 5 months old Tyler has found his feet to play with – I’m counting it as a wonderful holiday present to himself – gnaws on his hands, chatters up a storm, will only nap in the big swing, still thinks I am funny enough to laugh at, enjoys his jumper and  has surpassed a couple friends’ kids in their 1 year old size (a couple more with a couple more lbs!). He is 19 lbs, 25.5 inches, cute as a button, and still has beautiful blue eyes.


My pick of the (picture) litter:



Some others taken:

I took a few before I realized he was slumped over..



A true to form picture of him observing everything around him.



One of the times I was clearly NOT funny..