Friday, December 19, 2014

Preschool Holiday Show

Savvy’s school put on a holiday show with all the kids before Christmas. They had been working on the songs for a least a month – they were usually in the computer lab when I dropped her off at school practicing. Savvy had been walking around singing Jingle Bells at home so it was clearly sticking.

The plan was to drop Savvy off in her classroom 10 minutes prior to her performance time. She was happy all down the hallway but she ended up really upset when we left her there. I don’t know if she thought we totally left her but I’m thinking she was upset because it was CRAZY there. All the families seemed to be using her classroom instead of just her class so there were SOOO many people in and out. Poor girl was soo upset.

She was still upset at the start of their show..



After it was half or more done she calmed down and starting jingling her bell and I think even sang a little.


In the video you’ll probably see Emmanuel (little boy to the left of Savannah in the suit) and a couple others REALLY into it. And maybe even the little boy who was so upset he threw up on the teacher (to the right of Savannah). These kids are so cute..

VIDEO: Holiday Show

She was very proud of herself after the show – we of course were clapping and telling her how wonderful she was.


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