Sunday, December 28, 2014

Making Cookies

After the holidays and our trip to Flagstaff I decided I wanted some cookies.. Like I hadn’t had enough junk food but whatever! So I asked Savannah if she wanted to help me and of course she said yes. We put on our aprons, pulled her small table into the kitchen and got going. Well, after a quick round of the house with the stroller.


First was measuring the dry ingredients and mixing together. 




I showed her to scrape the excess off the top with her finger, it translated to stick your finger into the cup and swoosh the ingredient all around.




There was mixing..



And eggs! She really tried but I just needed the egg white and it all got into the bowl. I snuck another egg white into the bowl where we needed it while she wasn’t looking..




Our New York Cheesecake Cookies!





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