Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dance Class Parent Observation

The week before Christmas Savvy’s Tots-in-Motion class had a Parent Observation Day. I was so excited to see her in action!

I took too many a lot of videos which and caught a few good pictures which are all below. There was a lot of going in circles, not necessarily at the right time, and giggling and laughing. Overall she did good but wasn’t paying attention the whole time. Miss Lisa (her teacher) said she does MUCH better normally, that it’s normal for them to be distracted while parents are there (Tyler was with me too). Phew! I was worried that Miss Lisa was having to work with her so all over the place all the time – what I saw was not a great listener – so very glad I just distracted her!

Here she is in action!





Warm Up

Snowman - One Leg Balance

Twinkle Twinkle

Rockin Around the Christmas Tree Routine

Through the Tunnel


Spinning to Stop the Storm

Foot Shuffle

Run and Leap


Dance Class Freeze Dance - Free Dance aka go in circles

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