Thursday, December 11, 2014

Dynamite Dancer of the Month

Savannah has been doing the Tots in Motion class at school for a couple months now. I call it dance class ("it's time to go to dance class!). Her teacher Miss Lisa tells me she's doing wonderfully and when I ask Savannah if she had fun she smiles real big and tells me "Yes!!". She is the youngest of the class - normally they don't take kids until 2.5 but we did a trial and Miss Lisa was thoroughly impressed at how well she listened and did everything so she was more than happy to let Savannah start early. When I picked her up on Wednesday she had a ribbon in her hand - she is Dynamite Dancer of the Month! She was just glowing and I of course am even more proud of her! I can't wait until next week when it is parent observation day. Hopefully it doesn't mess her up so I can see her in action. ☺

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