Saturday, March 30, 2013

Jump Around

Oh yes, this post is titled after the House of Pain song from the 90s. When I was singing it to her Marc thought it was Jump from Kris Kross lol

Anyways not only can Savannah now reach the ground in the jumper with her feet, she immediately figured out how to jump! It’s hilarious, she goes crazy in this thing now. I’m waiting for her to jump right out of it when she really gets going.. VIDEO

She has also realized there is a small mirror on one side and stares into it. What a goofball!


Friday, March 29, 2013

My First Pampered Chef Dinner

I received my order from Pampered Chef last night – yay! – so I pulled out the list of recipes Megan had sent me and picked a new dinner to make tonight with it, Grilled Chicken Penne Al Fresco. I followed the recipe except I used italian seasoning on the chicken and omitted all of the salt.
I started by cooking the chicken in the Round Covered Baker, 8 minutes in the microwave and it was perfect!!


Next up was the garlic and tomatoes for a few minutes..


Last I added the pasta and liquids and microwaved for another 15 minutes and I couldn’t believe how perfectly it worked out! I’ll fully admit I was skeptical, more about my skills than the Baker..


Tonight’s dinner served:


And the best part – baby (and Sophie) approved!!!


Everyone has a bad day once in a while…

photo (3)Thursday was one of Savannah’s few bad days. It seemed to start well with her normal happy go lucky self. We had a good breakfast then off to Marisa’s for a few hours. She was squealing and having a good time in the car, got into Marisa’s house ok then Howard made a noise and it all went downhill. She started crying complete with big tears – it killed me!

photo (2)She did sleep a little but cried off and on (mostly on) for a total of two hours. I felt so bad but Marisa told me they were ok and not to come get her early. All of a sudden around noon it was suspected she fell asleep again since it had gotten calm and quiet. Nope, Marisa looked over and Savannah was all smiles!

And since she was now happy, Howard came back to guard her..
photo (1)   photo

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Our Little Reader

We are hoping Savvy at least takes after Mommy when it comes to reading and we’re off to a good start! I confess, there is a squeaker in the book she’s looking at in these pictures but she loves sitting in our laps with us reading to her too. We just have to be careful of those grabby hands with the “regular” books (vs board books) so the pages don’t get ripped out!



Thursday, March 21, 2013

Finger Food

Savannah is getting more and more interested in our food. Since she can now sit up on her own we’re starting finger foods. For the pictures she had mango pieces, american cheese and cereal puffs. {VIDEO}


The mango is getting some funny looks but she’s eating them. I’ve been crushing up some cheerios and coating the mango to make it easier for her to pick up. Each day I’m finding less and less in her lap and chair so we’re making progress! Today she was shunning the food I was trying to feed her in the spoon because I was blocking her from trying to pick up the food on her tray. And when she ran out of cereal puffs the hollering was crazy! She may be a carb lover like her momma already!

IMG_20130318_133657 IMG_20130318_133632

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


On Sunday Savannah and I met some friends at the PHX Zoo for some outdoor entertainment. The weather was perfect for a day out, nice and sunny but not too hot. Unfortunately Marc was working so he couldn’t go.

We saw lots of different animals - I hope Savvy saw them but can't know for sure.

Even when we got to the gorillas and he was right in front of her, Savannah was watching a little girl running around.. Apparently she's a people watcher :)


Overall she was great, just a little fussyness when she was tired but she passed out for a half hour or so.


After we returned home (and another half hour nap in the car) Savannah was still brimming over with energy. Oh those smiles and silly faces just warm my heart. I was even able to get a couple decent pictures of us together - and twenty or so crappy ones.


And some videos of this afternoon’s playtime:
Mouth Pops
Buzzing Bee

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Meyers Daycare

I finally had to give in and get help with Savannah. On Wednesdays Grandma Wienke comes over and our friend Marisa watches her a half day Tuesday or Thursday (whichever Marc works). My stress level has come down significantly and in turn I am appreciating and relishing every minute of my Savvy time even more.

This week Marisa's daughter was home since it is Spring Break and sent me some pics of Daycare. These two are sooo cute – and just realized they match!


Friday, March 15, 2013


On Tuesday we realized Savannah could sit on her own as long as she didn't turn (Logan walked by and she lost her balance watching him). As of Wednesday night she is now able to sit on her own like a pro!  I was looking back through pictures and she’s gotten sooo big – not that I didn’t know due to her weight (almost 20 lbs!) but oh my gosh those chubby cheeks are just too cute.

From about two weeks ago:

On Wednesday:

Now that she’s figured it out she seems less interested in being on her tummy or back but I’’m still trying.
On the Floor1
On the Floor2
Hide and Seek with the Shark

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Anyone who knows us knows that we love our Chucks.. So of course we have to pass it down to our little one! She’s all set for a while thanks in part to Grandpa David and Grandma Tena. They had a pair of purple sparkly ones on the website but when I clicked on them it said they are no longer carried – what a tease!! The ones with rainbow laces are a ways off but they appeared to be special edition so I had to grab them early in case they disappear!



Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Making Music

Savvy is enjoying playing with her Having a Ball toy that her Aunt, Uncle and Cousin gave her for Christmas. At first she would watch as I pushed the buttons and dropped the balls in it. Now she’s starting to figure out the buttons are causing the music and enjoying beating them. Video: Savvy Making Music

Her latest babble is what I’m calling Monster Noises (Video). I don’t know what the heck they mean but she’s doing it all the time. At least she’s smiling and not screaming (although we still get screaming and screeching as well).

Some random cuteness pictures:

You look interesting Mr Bug
How do I get over to this thing?!?

She is having fun in her jumper too although still not quite long enough legs. We’ve graduated from a box that’s a couple inches or so to a board game. I’m starting her “Sorry” training early so we can gang up on Daddy and Grandpa!