Thursday, March 21, 2013

Finger Food

Savannah is getting more and more interested in our food. Since she can now sit up on her own we’re starting finger foods. For the pictures she had mango pieces, american cheese and cereal puffs. {VIDEO}


The mango is getting some funny looks but she’s eating them. I’ve been crushing up some cheerios and coating the mango to make it easier for her to pick up. Each day I’m finding less and less in her lap and chair so we’re making progress! Today she was shunning the food I was trying to feed her in the spoon because I was blocking her from trying to pick up the food on her tray. And when she ran out of cereal puffs the hollering was crazy! She may be a carb lover like her momma already!

IMG_20130318_133657 IMG_20130318_133632

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