Friday, March 1, 2013

The Beginning of Worldly Travel One Room at a Time

Our little monkey has really taken to rolling all of a sudden. It started with a seemingly accidental roll from her belly to her back reaching for a toy and within a day or two she’s going back and forth just for fun in addition to for toys.

She used to only last on the floor for 5 or so minutes, now she’s happy on the floor for hours a day. I’m trying to keep a good mix of time on the floor to roll and play as well as sitting in her Bumbo and propped in her Boppy for her to do her situps and practice balancing on her own.

Savannah will start on one side of the room and in 10-20 minutes she’s turned 180 degrees (or more!) and across the room. It was about 10 minutes from the first picture to the fourth picture – the brown dog bed did not move, just Savvy:

IMG_20130221_185150  IMG_20130221_190335  IMG_20130221_190344 IMG_20130221_190459

Some babble during floor time VIDEO: Babble

And from a different day - VIDEO: Rolling Rolling Rolling 

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