Friday, March 29, 2013

Everyone has a bad day once in a while…

photo (3)Thursday was one of Savannah’s few bad days. It seemed to start well with her normal happy go lucky self. We had a good breakfast then off to Marisa’s for a few hours. She was squealing and having a good time in the car, got into Marisa’s house ok then Howard made a noise and it all went downhill. She started crying complete with big tears – it killed me!

photo (2)She did sleep a little but cried off and on (mostly on) for a total of two hours. I felt so bad but Marisa told me they were ok and not to come get her early. All of a sudden around noon it was suspected she fell asleep again since it had gotten calm and quiet. Nope, Marisa looked over and Savannah was all smiles!

And since she was now happy, Howard came back to guard her..
photo (1)   photo

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