Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Present from Noah

For the last few months when we ask Savannah what she did with school she would tell us “Play with Noah!!”. And when it was time to school she’d get excited to see Noah. I may have used him for a bribe to get her moving a few times.. ~*wink*~

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Well, Noah is a few months older than Savannah so he has moved to the three year old room which means Savannah doesn’t really see him much. However, he lives in our neighborhood! We sometimes see him at the Big Park – which is why Savannah usually wants to go there instead of the Little Park or the Party Park. Last weekend was no exception so we headed up to the Big Park – lo and behold Noah was there!!! He came running off the playset to her while she ran across the park to get to him. So freakin’ cute! They played on the seesaw, rode the horsies, went down the slide and ran around with Noah’s Dad (Noah is an awesome runner which gets Savannah to try harder).


When it was time for Noah to leave they were really good about it even though not happy about it. Noah had picked up a couple pinecones earlier – he took one from his stroller and gave it to Savannah. She had a big smile and grabbed him for a hug. I’m telling you, these kids could make anyone’s heart melt! She talked about it the rest of the day and even the next day – while sick! – was still smitten with it to tell Daddy when he arrived home. The pinecone is still on the table in the family room a week later, I don’t dare move it anywhere..



Thursday, April 23, 2015

CTA’s 10th Anniversary

The elementary school in our neighborhood celebrated it’s 10th anniversary recently. While most of the activities were geared to the older kids that go to school there a few food trucks were going to be there so I figured it would be a good way to get out and play and not have to cook dinner.


It was VERY bright outside as you’ll see in the pictures. Savannah was already hungry after the walk up to the school so we stopped at the grilled cheese truck to get her a sandwich. She ate about three quarters of it and gave the rest to Tyler. He was skeptical at first but of course ended up liking it.



One reason she didn’t finish her sandwich was she had asked what the blue truck was and I told her it was the cookie truck. I almost lost her – she tried to run off to it! When I convinced her to come back I told her she had to have a few more bites of sandwich then we could get a cookie from the blue truck. She stuffed her mouth as fast as she could. I don’t remember which one we got but it was a warm cookie with vanilla ice cream on top and it was AMAZING!! Thankfully Savannah didn’t eat it all (maybe half?) so I was able to get a few bites.




She wanted to go on the bounce houses but they were defintely for the big kids so we headed over to the playground. As luck would have it, there were other kids one the playground so Savannah started running around with them while Tyler and I hung out on the side playing in the mulch.


How do I know we had a great time? The whole way home Savvy told me “Mommy I DIRTY!” with a big grin.


Give Me Food!

Tyler is less and less interested in his bottle / formula – he just wants food! Two teeth have just poked out on the bottom so he can’t chew well so I’m still making baby food. One of the latest is baby guacamole – mainly avocado and egg whites. I spread it on some toast and he ate it up with a big smile.


Monday, April 20, 2015

Tending the Flock

On the way to school this morning we noticed our neighbors were “flocked” last night. It’s something to do with Cancer research I believe. A sign and a bunch of plastic pink flamingos are put all over the front yard.


Once she saw them Savannah got overly excited saying “Flamingo Flamingo!” She looked at them, looked at me and back again a few times. I told her she could “pet” them but very gently. Oh my goodness, she was so happy. You’d think they were real flamingos that just told her they wanted to run around the table with her and Melanie..




Friday, April 17, 2015

New Puzzle

Savannah got a new Puzzle for Easter this year. It's a more "normal" puzzle instead of the chunky ones and has 12 pieces. Well, after a couple times it now only takes her 2 or so minutes to complete it. Sheesh! I may need to stump her with the 500 piece ones!

New Puzzle:

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Friday, April 10, 2015

Our Poor Teething Boy

We had our unhappiest day yet today. My best guess is teething still (one has Popped through the gum on the bottom). Savannah was at school and I had an easier day at work so I was able to spend a lot of cuddle time with our little guy. He so needed it, even with cuddles he was still overly upset but much worse if I had to put him down.

I ended up paying extra to have Savannah stay at school late since I was trying to keep Tyler as calm and happy as possible. It worked out well - she was in the beat spirits all night after I picked her up even though most of my attention was in Tyler until he went to bed.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Directing Traffic

On the way home from school today Savvy started telling the cars which way they should be turning. This is actually not a new thing but what was new is we ended up sitting on the sidewalk for 20 minutes or so for her to do it. She would also tell me every few minutes that a "Biiiiiig Bus" needed to come our way. No bus came - if it had she would've jumped up and ran down the sidewalk trying to catch it!

Snuggle Monkey

I could sit in the chair all night with this little snuggler..

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Almost Forgot

Check out these pigtails!!!


Easter and Passover Weekend Part 1

Our Holiday weekend started with an Egg Hunt at Savannah’s school on Friday. I don’t know how she found them but she has been watching videos on YouTube of people opening eggs with toys in them so she was very excited to get some eggs of her own.

YouTube Egg Opening Video

Savannah had made a bag during the day to collect her eggs in. When we went outside there were sooo many eggs! Savannah took off to start collecting with a huge grin on her face. After a couple minutes I noticed there was candy on the ground around her. At closer inspection I realized she was picking up the eggs, opening them, dropping the candy and putting just the empty egg in her bag! I just had to laugh. And maybe cry looking at the yummy candy I couldn’t have as “candy tax” that night..


The ears came off her bag while she was hunting for eggs so she gave them to Tyler – maybe not the best choice for safe keeping but was glad she was sharing with him. He was thrilled and promptly put them in his mouth.


Her bag was overflowing when we left. I had to convince her no more would fit, she kept trying to put another in the bad and would get annoyed when it fell out. When we arrived home she poured out her bag and looked through her stash. Not bad for her first try!




This morning Savannah decided she wanted to go out for pancakes and a balloon. Balloon means Denny’s so I piled them into their carseats and headed out. She was super happy telling me the whole time she wanted a blue balloon. Tyler had his first experience in a highchair. It went really well! He has also started eating the disolveable cereal pieces and yogurt bites so that kept him entertained while we waited for food.



It took longer than I thought so we had to rush home and drive to our neighborhood’s egg hunt. I forgvot my phone in the car so I don’t have pictures of it. Afterwards she played in the sand for a bit until we had to get Tyler home for a nap.



Our little girl was very happy with her second load of eggs and balloon!



Tyler was of course happy as could be too.. Even without candy..



The second stash:



After all the fun in the sun Savannah and I are now relaxing on her lion chair (yes – she wanted me to sit next to her on it!!) watching The Jungle Book while Tyler is taking a much needed nap. Including some goofing off and dancing with King Louie..


Dancing with King Louie


After what I figure was a sugar crash or just too much excitement Savannah started really acting out. She ran her bike into Dakota, started swatting at the air/table etc when she couldn’t have something or didn’t like something, yelled at her brother for being upset (tired) and I don’t even remember what else. After a few timeouts I had enough and made her go upstairs for a nap. She ended up crying herself to sleep but woke every maybe twenty minutes to half hour crying again. The third time I went up and watched her rubbing her eyes and yawning – clearly still tired. I gave her the option to nap some more or read and she lost it again. I ended up leaving her crying again since I wasn’t able to soothe her at all and she was getting more and more upset. After about 10 minutes she calmed down and is now sitting on her bed wiping her eyes. These weekends are hard!!

And here she is after finally crying it out and coming downstairs..