Thursday, April 23, 2015

CTA’s 10th Anniversary

The elementary school in our neighborhood celebrated it’s 10th anniversary recently. While most of the activities were geared to the older kids that go to school there a few food trucks were going to be there so I figured it would be a good way to get out and play and not have to cook dinner.


It was VERY bright outside as you’ll see in the pictures. Savannah was already hungry after the walk up to the school so we stopped at the grilled cheese truck to get her a sandwich. She ate about three quarters of it and gave the rest to Tyler. He was skeptical at first but of course ended up liking it.



One reason she didn’t finish her sandwich was she had asked what the blue truck was and I told her it was the cookie truck. I almost lost her – she tried to run off to it! When I convinced her to come back I told her she had to have a few more bites of sandwich then we could get a cookie from the blue truck. She stuffed her mouth as fast as she could. I don’t remember which one we got but it was a warm cookie with vanilla ice cream on top and it was AMAZING!! Thankfully Savannah didn’t eat it all (maybe half?) so I was able to get a few bites.




She wanted to go on the bounce houses but they were defintely for the big kids so we headed over to the playground. As luck would have it, there were other kids one the playground so Savannah started running around with them while Tyler and I hung out on the side playing in the mulch.


How do I know we had a great time? The whole way home Savvy told me “Mommy I DIRTY!” with a big grin.


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