Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Present from Noah

For the last few months when we ask Savannah what she did with school she would tell us “Play with Noah!!”. And when it was time to school she’d get excited to see Noah. I may have used him for a bribe to get her moving a few times.. ~*wink*~

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Well, Noah is a few months older than Savannah so he has moved to the three year old room which means Savannah doesn’t really see him much. However, he lives in our neighborhood! We sometimes see him at the Big Park – which is why Savannah usually wants to go there instead of the Little Park or the Party Park. Last weekend was no exception so we headed up to the Big Park – lo and behold Noah was there!!! He came running off the playset to her while she ran across the park to get to him. So freakin’ cute! They played on the seesaw, rode the horsies, went down the slide and ran around with Noah’s Dad (Noah is an awesome runner which gets Savannah to try harder).


When it was time for Noah to leave they were really good about it even though not happy about it. Noah had picked up a couple pinecones earlier – he took one from his stroller and gave it to Savannah. She had a big smile and grabbed him for a hug. I’m telling you, these kids could make anyone’s heart melt! She talked about it the rest of the day and even the next day – while sick! – was still smitten with it to tell Daddy when he arrived home. The pinecone is still on the table in the family room a week later, I don’t dare move it anywhere..



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