Thursday, January 31, 2013

Saturday, January 26, 2013

5 months!!

A little late to post, but here are Savvy’s 5 month picutres!!!
In her monkey romper – talk about a LOT of colors!!
Logan trying to figure out what’s going on..
5 months 
One of her big smiles!

Adventures in Eating

Feeding Savannah is a new experience every day. We have a lot of messes, hands in the mouth and dogs waiting for food to hit the floor..
Various pictures of the fun:
DSCN2980 IMG_20130107_093004IMG_20130107_092912 IMG_20130107_093014 IMG_20121222_173002 IMG_20130107_181921 DSCN3015

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Jump On Board

Savannah seems to be having a good time in her jumper. Her feet don't touch the ground even while on it's lowest setting so I've been putting the Boppy pillow under them. She's not jumping yet but moves around a lot and grabbing at all the toys. 

She hasn't figured out that hitting the shapes on the orange side turns on the lights and music but gets a kick out of them anyways. Caught a couple still frame pictures and a video: Jumper

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tummy Time Updates

Not only is Savannah still lifting her head - she's looking up (I was sitting in front of her instead of laying on the floor taking the picture). Her legs are still kicking like crazy but no movements yet. And almost if not all rolling over by herself is in the mornings in her crib - we find her on her side many mornings.

She has a lot more fun after tummy time when I start rolling her from tummy to back. Granted, there are a lot of tickles and face making with it. :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I can't get enough of Savannah's giggles and laughs - and she's shelling them out like crazy now! We've been trying peek-a-boo for a little while but it wasn't completely loved. I tried again and all of a sudden she is getting a big kick out of it. I can't help but to laugh with (and at) her, who could with those squeals?!? All the stress is totally worth it to see her big smile.. :)

Peek-a-Boo Video

And some more Sophie Love..

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Carried Away

Savannah and I are starting to get the hang of the carriers - just in time as my back is having issues again. I've only used the Moby around the house while cleaning, vacuuming etc. I realized I don't have as many standing chores as I thought - I think it's uncomfortable for her in the Moby when I sit since her legs are out. Or it could be that she likes it better when we're walking around.

I took the other carrier with us to run some errands today and used it at the mall. I only had to go to one store to return a couple things but accidentally parked on the opposite side of the mall. Previously when I've tried using the carrier Savannah would start crying before it was all bucked up. Today we got through the mall and back with a detour in Dillard's when I got lost and she was curious and smiling the whole time! She did have her tongue out at least half the time - no idea what that was about!? Since I only have one errand out of the house tomorrow I'm going to try taking her for a walk around the neighborhood with the carrier tomorrow - need to work up to hiking!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Puppy Love

There's no question Savannah is our little girl, she is already an animal lover! Well, at least finds our zoo very amusing. Rodney gets the most and longest laughs out of her - a few times she sounded like she was hyperventilating (not to worry, she was totally fine just laughing too hard if that's possible). She also likes watching the pups play Gladiators. I put her on the big chair in the family room and rile the pups up to start playing and she's entertained for a while. She wants to pet them but depending on the pup they don't get close enough or think she's a bacon lollipop and try to lick her to death. 

Puppy Love Video

Savannah trying to get Rodney's attention, Rodney trying to pretend she's not there..

Friday, January 18, 2013

Prattling Away

Even though I work from home and most days Marc is sleeping while I work Savannah keeps it lively. Not just the feeding, diapers etc but also the playing and chatter. The latest caught on video caught on video was out of nowhere. Savannah was hanging out in her swing (not moving) and playing with her lion stuffed animal and all of a sudden she started chatting to no end. The video is actually a few minutes or so into the discussion as I had to stop laughing and find the camera.

Sophie is getting a lot of action - good thing we have two as she gets dirty a lot. I feel like we're already doing the whole switcheroo like parents do when pets (like hermit crabs, goldfish etc) die.

She sometimes goes on the high chair tray when Savannah is waiting for her food, in the playpen, the swing - pretty much all over the place. Still not sure if it's teething but she's getting gummed like crazy regardless.

We still can't seem to keep socks on this child. It's even harder now - instead of them just coming off with Savannah's kicking and moving around, she's now pulling them off too! 

Peeping Savvy

While Marc was driving this afternoon I looked back at Savannah and she was staring out the window with a very interested look on her face. Or maybe she was staring at the dirt on the Window.. Either way I got all excited that she looked more entertained than usual.
She's also grabbing and shaking the toys hanging from her car seat instead of just staring at them open mouthed. I think she gets frustrated at times because she can't get them to her mouth :-)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Butt Squeaks

The other day Savannah was in the playpen while I went to get her a new outfit and I heard a bunch of squeaking start. I went over to her and she had maneuvered her giraffe under herself and was lifting and dropping her butt on it to get it to squeak. Well, I don't know that she did it on purpose but she has done it a couple more times since then so I'm assuming it's intentional. Either way, was so cute and funny..

The feeding fun continues.. So far she's had butternut squash, acorn squash, peas and banana. Tomorrow we try apples. We are going through a lot of bibs and wipes but she does get some in her tummy. 

While not as obsessed as she was a few months ago I still catch Savannah staring at the ceiling fixtures. Sometimes she looks mesmerized, other times smiling and giggling. Oh to be so easily amused!!

Last but not least and a little late a goodbye to my wonderful Xterra - we traded it for a 2012 Pathfinder a few weeks ago. I do love the Pathfinder but still miss my X, so many great memories and road trips! However I now have an AV jack and plenty of room for all the dogs and us humans. 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Purple Jacket

Have I mentioned how excited I am that I found the jackets at The Children's Place?

I finally remembered to try them on our little monkey and the smaller one is a little too big (6-9 mo size) - my fingers are holding Savannah's fingers in this picture. No problem as until she's mobile we'll be holding her or she'll be in the stroller outside so she doesn't need her hands for crawling. And since this one is so big, we're keeping the bigger one too in case it fits her  later, we can give it to someone else if they can use it or worst case exchange at Once Upon a Child for other stuff.

I may have to double check the tag for the materials it is made of as after a few minutes of Savvy wearing the jacket she had this nice drunk look on her face.. 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Something's Afoot

We have a new discovery - FEET!! Savannah has been lifting her feet and legs for a while but  just seems to have realized there are cool toys to play with at the end of her legs (as if the array in the playpen are not enough). 

So far they have not made it to her mouth but I'm sure that's coming - yuk!! I guess the upside is since she can't walk yet her feet aren't all that dirty..

Baby Food

It turns out it is super easy to make Savannah's food at home instead of buying the packaged jars. Yes of course it takes less time to drop them in the cart then pop them open to feed Savannah but cost plus the additives (produce that doesn't go bad?!?) makes it worth it.

The first real food we tried was squash, Marc's favorite ~snicker~

All I had to do was cut it into pieces and microwave with water for 10-12 minutes too cook.

When it was done cooking - mushy consistency - I just dumped in in the hand blender container with some water and zip zip to blend.

I heard I could use ice cube trays but found baby food containers that have measurements on them so I can freeze in 1 oz and 2 oz portions. Granted, I don't understand why they all have a different picture on the top. Who only uses 2 oz of 12 different foods?!

I spooned the mush into the containers, put in their hand trays since by themselves they'd tip over and make a mess in the freezer.

And into the freezer they went! I ended up with 6 containers of Acorn Squash and 10 containers of butternut squash.

About halfway through the squash I was ready to make the next food. Turns out I can just pop the cubes out of the containers, drop them in freezer bags (marked with what they are and date made) to reuse the trays. The only thing keeping me from going on a baby food making bonanza this weekend is that I have to wait 10-12 hours between each batch for them to freeze through... 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Peas Please!

We are on to food number three - peas!! If nothing else, they make for great pictures as they are really bright colored. Still not sure Savvy is totally sold on the taste but she will eat them - well, some of them. A lot is ending up all over her face, bib, clothes, hands.. Tonight we saw some on her ear and the corner of her eye, no idea how that happened. We are already doing the spaceship move since she gets distracted easily. 

Currently the process is she gets some food then follows with her hand in her mouth which appears to be how the food gets everywhere else.. She does seem to be having fun though! We must be on the right track since dinner is generally family social time. 

And for our last picture, Savvy's entry to compete with Marc in the best goatee contest...

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Reading With Daddy

I came downstairs for lunch this afternoon to find Daddy and Savvy reading. Marc finished Where the Wild Things Are before I went upstairs and commented that it makes no sense. I just chuckled as I've noticed it with other books I've read to her that I had as a child.

Monday, January 7, 2013

No Help Needed

While it is not all the time, more often Savvy is holding her own bottle. She's growing up so fast! ;)

Her other new thing is putting one of her lovies over her face while falling asleep funny enough she still immediately kicks her legs when we put a blanket on her until she gets it off. This Video is dark but hopefully can be seen. 

Random photo of her eating like a big girl :)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Crib Circles

I do not know when exactly it happens but sometime between when we put Savvy down for the night and when we get her in the morning there is a lot of activity going on.

We put Savvy down to sleep with her head where the blue and white monkey is in this picture: 

Where I have found her the past few mornings:

I didn't get a picture as she had moved again by morning but have checked on her on the monitor and seen her with her face up against the mirror (blue on the left side of the last picture). Maybe she's keeping herself company :)

Also have a short video of one of the mornings, hope to get a better one soon as she's normally VERY active and jumpy!