Saturday, January 5, 2013

Camera Shy

Tonight a friend came over to visit and Savvy was laughing up a storm! I mean seriously uncontrollable laughter like she was watching The Hangover, I was cracking up at how much she was going on. However when the camera started I caught a giggle in the first second then NONE for the rest if the video (posted here). We tried everything but no dice. I'm glad I had a witness as otherwise it sometimes seems it may be all in my head.

I took Savvy shopping with me today and it went so well. She started fussing at the last store and I realized it had been a while since she ate so I got a bottle out and gave it to her. I figured I'd have to hold it but nope, she took it with both hands and kept it until it was gone. We even walked around for another half an hour or so until we had to head home to make dinner. And at the store I found the coat I was looking at online that was only in size 2T in Savvy's size. Yay!

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