Thursday, January 10, 2013

Baby Food

It turns out it is super easy to make Savannah's food at home instead of buying the packaged jars. Yes of course it takes less time to drop them in the cart then pop them open to feed Savannah but cost plus the additives (produce that doesn't go bad?!?) makes it worth it.

The first real food we tried was squash, Marc's favorite ~snicker~

All I had to do was cut it into pieces and microwave with water for 10-12 minutes too cook.

When it was done cooking - mushy consistency - I just dumped in in the hand blender container with some water and zip zip to blend.

I heard I could use ice cube trays but found baby food containers that have measurements on them so I can freeze in 1 oz and 2 oz portions. Granted, I don't understand why they all have a different picture on the top. Who only uses 2 oz of 12 different foods?!

I spooned the mush into the containers, put in their hand trays since by themselves they'd tip over and make a mess in the freezer.

And into the freezer they went! I ended up with 6 containers of Acorn Squash and 10 containers of butternut squash.

About halfway through the squash I was ready to make the next food. Turns out I can just pop the cubes out of the containers, drop them in freezer bags (marked with what they are and date made) to reuse the trays. The only thing keeping me from going on a baby food making bonanza this weekend is that I have to wait 10-12 hours between each batch for them to freeze through... 

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