Friday, January 18, 2013

Prattling Away

Even though I work from home and most days Marc is sleeping while I work Savannah keeps it lively. Not just the feeding, diapers etc but also the playing and chatter. The latest caught on video caught on video was out of nowhere. Savannah was hanging out in her swing (not moving) and playing with her lion stuffed animal and all of a sudden she started chatting to no end. The video is actually a few minutes or so into the discussion as I had to stop laughing and find the camera.

Sophie is getting a lot of action - good thing we have two as she gets dirty a lot. I feel like we're already doing the whole switcheroo like parents do when pets (like hermit crabs, goldfish etc) die.

She sometimes goes on the high chair tray when Savannah is waiting for her food, in the playpen, the swing - pretty much all over the place. Still not sure if it's teething but she's getting gummed like crazy regardless.

We still can't seem to keep socks on this child. It's even harder now - instead of them just coming off with Savannah's kicking and moving around, she's now pulling them off too! 

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