Sunday, August 31, 2014

Towel Tea Party

We bought a couple new towels for Savannah since many of hers are too small (perfect for Tyler though!). She LOVES them! So much that we didn’t even get them upstairs. She took them and ran off – and this is how we found them all..

Turns out Lion likes lettuce and Fox is a pear kinda towel..


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Savvy’s Got a New Slide

The big present we bought for Savannah was a slide for the backyard. It also came with a basketball with hoop, soccer ball with “goal” under the hoop and a football with an opening to throw it through.

Marc put it together the night before her birthday and covered it with sheets so she wouldn’t see it until we were ready. She was actually outside earlier but didn’t try to take the sheet off (?!?). After breakfast we brought her back outside for the unveiling. It only took a little help from Daddy and she got the sheets off. Well, she got the first sheet off then needed convincing to get the other sheet off and not just play with the ladder side.


It only took a second for her to try it out with Daddy at first.


Then we showed her the other parts of it. She checked it out and shot one hoop.


Then it was back to the slide! VIDEO:

Later, only after we did a count up and yell “GO!”:

The past couple days EVERYTHING goes down the slide – the balls, her chalk, sand toys. They all get a count up and “GO!” as well.

Monday, August 25, 2014

More Birthday Pics

Savannah holding Tyler



More Birthday Cake



The Car Ramp!


A Kitchen!!


Complete with her own phone which has received many calls!



Playing in the Kitchen

Phone Call 1

Phone Call 2

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Savvy’s Second Birthday

Our little girl is two!! She seems older and older every day – she’s talking more and more, understanding more than I can believe and the wonderful word “NO” is her new favorite. It’s the answer to most everything now a days.


For Sav’s birthday we went up to Nana and Poppa Wienke’s house then off to Butterfly Wonderland. During the car ride I looked up the sign for butterfly and taught it to Sav. I can’t believe I hadn’t done it before since she loves butterflies but better late than never. She mainly ate her snack and checked out the white trucks and airplanes.

Butterfly!!! Video



We watched the movie at Butterfly Wonderland but not sure how much Savannah got from it – the movie was 3D but she didn’t want to wear the glasses. I took off my glasses for a minute to see what it looked like and it was very blurry. Afterwards we proceeded into the butterfly atrium. It is a huge area set up like a rainforest – lush, green and SUPER humid!




Savannah was immidiatly shy so it took us a little bit to show her that there were butterflies all over. When she realized it there was a glimmer of happy in between her shyness. We ended up having to carry her for some of the time but were able to get close to the butterflies and put her down (squatting right next to her) to check them out close up.



Some of the butterflies we saw.



They even had neat butterfly planters in the lobby which were really neat.



After we finished at Butterfly Wonderland we headed back to Nana and Poppa Wienke’s for lunch, cake and presents. Savannah loved the cake Nana Wienke picked out for her! Singing Happy Birthday



Next it was present time. We brought a few of the smaller presents with us for her to open – she really has the hang of opening them now!



We were starting to get tired..



So one last present from Nana and Poppa – the best one of the day, her own tablet!! Hopefully this means I’ll get my phone back :)