Saturday, August 27, 2016

Montessori Camp

Savannah just finished her two week Montessori camp. She had a great time learning about creature under the sea! We were planning on her going to the same place for preschool but she had been begging me to go back to the Y the whole two weeks so I enrolled her for preschool there instead.

Here are a few pics from Ms Dina of their adventures under the sea.


Savannah has been using the backpack Lexy gave her for camp. After a couple days, Tyler decided he needed one too so he adopted her old one our previous neighbors gave us. He will not leave the house without it! Thankfully he always knows where it is..

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Her Name is Scout

Nanny Danielle brought birthday presents for the kids the other day. Savannah's was a little dog (dog she says, not puppy) that jumps around and talks. Here is her with her new dog "Scout". So far Melanie is not jealous however she is scared..