Sunday, March 29, 2015

Dinner by the Front Door

This morning I heard the chairs moving a lot while I was putting Tyler down for a nap. I figured Savannah was making them into a train again. When I came downstairs Savannah took me by the hand saying “Come here Mommy!” and steered me by the front door where she had setup the table and chairs with dishes, a fork, a spoon and knife. Here is the view from my seat..


I was not going to try and sit on the chairs so I moved it and sat in the floor. She was not happy with this but moved on to dinner service. But wait, we forgot the rest of the dishes and napkins. The set she was given is a little miss matched (a dark blue big plate and small plate but no bowl, a light green bowl and small plate but no big plate etc). While at first this seemed to frustrate the cook she figured out a good solution before running back to the “kitchen " aka Marc's TV room.




Every time I try to take a picture I am being scolded. It seems phones are not allowed at the table. Damn she is really picking up what we say and do!


After a bit of debate on what to make, the whole container was dumped out onto to floor.
Then one  by one food was flying out of the kitchen! In the end I had a croissant, green beans and a tomato slice. Sav had a chip, cereal and a donut. Melanie had carrots, a slice of bread and a chip.


After she took a couple phone calls, she decided she wanted to play with cars but before I could get up she ran back telling me "no, Savannah clean!clean up!" and started clearing the table.


She has now given me a piece of pretzel which I am apparently not eating correctly so I better go before I get in trouble again.

Water Water Everywhere

It has been beautiful outside so we’ve been staying out as much as possible. Most of the sand was gone from the table Savvy plays in so I dumped the rest and filled it with water. If nothing else it would keep us from overheating in the sun. Complete with floppy hats we set off into the grass. Savannah gave Tyler the little orange shovel to play with and he was thrilled.



Friday, March 27, 2015

Stickers and Swings

Savannah loves stickers but she is such a good sister that when she gets a few she shares them with Tyler (and Daddy / Mommy on occasion). I have a bunch sitting on the counter from figuring out how to get the cuts right so I've been randomly giving her some when she's being good. Yesterday morning was one time and we just had 15 minutes before we left for school so I gave her 4 to keep her occupied while I got my shoes, the stroller etc. I heard her saying "Tyler sticker? OK!" while I was getting everything from the other room and came back to what you see in the picture. I don't think he knew since he left them there instead of sticking them in his mouth.

When we got back from dropping Savannah off I had a conference call so I put Tyler in the swing to entertain him. He had a great time! It works out better when Savannah isn't here since she always wants to be in the swing. Even though it's his swing, his turn should be about a minute and hers should be 10+. Funny how that works, huh?

Tyler Awakens

When Tyler woke up from his nap today I was almost done with a part of my work so I kept going for a few minutes. I had the monitor on and he really didn't seem to mind. There's nothing to see on the video buy hopefully you can hear him talking and laughing. I am very curious what was so funny.

Tyler Awakens:

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Thankfully Dogs Don't Pee on Things to Claim Them

Melanie cannot get enough attention. Even though Savannah plays with her a lot, she is starting to stake her claim on Tyler. You know, in case any od the other dogs are thinking of starting to play. I can see the Melanie and kidlets train running around the house now...

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Breakfast with the Monkeys

Thanks to a tip from Amy and Ella, we found out the zoo has programs for the kidlets. Marc booked us for a Breakfast with the Animals program on Saturday – this month is monkeys! Believe it or not we had to wake Savannah up in the morning so we could be at the zoo by 8AM.


While waiting to get in, Savannah and Tyler were checking out the ducks in the water below the bridge. Well, Tyler was watching Savannah more than the ducks but he was still amused.




First thing when we went in was a walk to the C.W. & Modene Neely Education and Event Center for monkey related activities and a light breakfast. Our kidlets played with the Barrel of Monkeys – Savannah with the monkeys and Tyler with the Barrel..




Then Savannah fed the monkey box with bananas and tweezers (she was amazingly good with the tweezers!)..




Followed by feeding the big monkey (baboon?) with bean bags..



VIDEO: Feed the Gorilla Game


After a quick bite to eat we headed over to Monkey Village to help the zookeeper feed the real monkeys. I held Tyler and the camera while Marc helped Savannah get ready. They had to wear masks and gloves to ensure the monkeys’ food didn’t get contaminated. We were reliving the book “Outbreak”! Ok, maybe not quite that bad..




The zookeeper brought out bowls of food for the kidlets to pour into buckets. Savannah  seemed unsure since there wasn’t a bucket for each kidlet so Daddy and a nice little boy helped show her what to do.



The zookeeper then took the buckets into Monkey Village and hung them around for the monkeys to get. They were all over the place swinging, jumping and having a grand ol’ time.



After all the food was out we all went into Monkey Village to watch more closely and talk to the zookeeper. They had some Q&A time but we were busy watching the monkeys. IMG_6500


It turns out the price for the program included the day’s admission for the zoo as well. Savannah was overly excited when we told her we could go see more animals and took off down the path.



Daddy made a quick stop back at the center to pick up our things while Savannah and I hung out at the slide right outside. That’s where she first saw the Carousel.



It turns out since we brought our own cups to use Savannah was given a sticker good for a free ride on the carousel (normally $3). I took Savannah on while Daddy and Tyler watched from the side. We walked around checking out the animals and she decided to ride on the Giraffe even after I explained to her that it wouldn’t go up and down like the others.



She then wanted to see the sheep. Yes, we were at the zoo and she wanted farm animals. We checked the signs and there was a “farm” and petting zoo so we headed over. On the way we saw some turtles and ducks on a log. Tyler took this time to take off his sock and start gnawing on it.



We stopped by the flamingos..



And both Tyler and Savannah cooled off their hands in a fountain.



When we found the zoo, we first saw a horse, donkey and goat in their pens. Savannah got to “ride” on a wooden horse with a saddle while Mommy and Daddy checked out our measurements as horses (Mommy is a Thoroghbred while Daddy is a Clydesdale).



We saw a couple sheep in a pen but she took a look and moved on. We steered her to the petting zoo part and she had a great time brushing the goats!




Tyler pet one too but wasn’t sure he liked it..




It may have been he was super tired since we were already past his naptime – he was happy to sit in his stroller again and gnaw on the edge of his pacifier.IMG_6625IMG_6626IMG_6632


Savannah was just a tad happy to see a couple owls on our way out of the park and a couple gibbons in a tree making TONS of noise you could hear from very far away.




Mommy was starving so on the way home we stopped at Portillos for some food. Tyler had passed out probably seconds after we left but Savannah was still going strong, especially when she realized there were fries involved!