Sunday, March 29, 2015

Dinner by the Front Door

This morning I heard the chairs moving a lot while I was putting Tyler down for a nap. I figured Savannah was making them into a train again. When I came downstairs Savannah took me by the hand saying “Come here Mommy!” and steered me by the front door where she had setup the table and chairs with dishes, a fork, a spoon and knife. Here is the view from my seat..


I was not going to try and sit on the chairs so I moved it and sat in the floor. She was not happy with this but moved on to dinner service. But wait, we forgot the rest of the dishes and napkins. The set she was given is a little miss matched (a dark blue big plate and small plate but no bowl, a light green bowl and small plate but no big plate etc). While at first this seemed to frustrate the cook she figured out a good solution before running back to the “kitchen " aka Marc's TV room.




Every time I try to take a picture I am being scolded. It seems phones are not allowed at the table. Damn she is really picking up what we say and do!


After a bit of debate on what to make, the whole container was dumped out onto to floor.
Then one  by one food was flying out of the kitchen! In the end I had a croissant, green beans and a tomato slice. Sav had a chip, cereal and a donut. Melanie had carrots, a slice of bread and a chip.


After she took a couple phone calls, she decided she wanted to play with cars but before I could get up she ran back telling me "no, Savannah clean!clean up!" and started clearing the table.


She has now given me a piece of pretzel which I am apparently not eating correctly so I better go before I get in trouble again.

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