Thursday, May 28, 2015

Tyler's New Book

Tyler has not been interested in books so far. I've read to him and given him a couple to play with but he just moves them away. I've been bummed but I know it's early so things can change.

A week or so ago Savannah brought over Pat the Bunny to read with me. To avoid a possible attitude from Savannah, I waited until she was done reading and putting the books away (4 books later) and kept Pat the Bunny with me. I guided Tyler's hand to the soft furry bunny page and it was all over. He "loved" (pat, smack, eat) the Bunny like crazy! When he finally let go I tried to show him another page but he just wanted the Bunny.

A couple days later was the Usborne Book party I attended and they have a ton of "touchy feely" books. I knew what I was getting him!! The morning after I received my box of books I gave Tyler his new one and he LOVED it! Every page of it (me helping to turn the pages)! Yay!! I received another in my consultant kit a few days later that he hasn't seen yet (still obsessed with the first). I hope this is the start of a great love of reading like Sav and I have!

Baby Class Mystery Solved!

Savannah has been telling me she wants to go to the baby class when we go to school. She is usually really tooth Tyler but I didn't enough to be in his class. I would ask her things like Don't you want to play with your friends? And tell her the baby class doesn't get outside time or computer time but she still wanted the baby class.

I've been getting Savannah from her class first since she likes to go get Tyler (she'll run down to his class door and wait while I'm talking to her teacher). Today was no different. I opener the door to his class and she walked in, smiled and said hi to Tyler. I picked his giggly self up and when I turned around I found Savannah kneeling on the floor sharing big smiles with Tyler's classmate Matthew. I don't know if she gets this happy about Cars! Matthew seems smitten with her too. When we leave, he crawls over to the door and stands up to watch her as long as possible. If she notices she'll go up to the door and they make faces and put their hands "together" on the door. Serious cuteness!!

A Garage for the Cars

A while back I saw a picture of a toy car garage made out of a box. When I noticed Sav sitting almost in a box "parking" a car I figured it was time. After both kidlets were in bed for a nap I searched out a picture to recreate and set to work. Tyler woke up first and loved the scrap pieces of cardboard I had next to me. By the time Sav awoke I had it all put together. It happened to be a day where she was super upset when she woke up and it got worse when she saw the garage because it want "bluuuuuue". ~sigh~

It stunk but gave me an easy way to get her it of her funk! I sat her on the couch with a snack and Sesame Street and she played with Tyler (after getting off the couch) while I set to work painting. Once it was blue she loved it - but couldn't play with it since it was wet. I left it on the counter and told her it would be ready tomorrow. She has been playing with it like crazy ever since!

Sharing Pudding

I noticed a box of pudding mix in the pantry the other day and mixed it together while I was waiting on dinner to finish. I can't remember the last time I had pudding! After Savvy ate her dinner with barely any bribing she was forward for dessert - but Tyler had to sit next to her. After a few bites she started feeding it to him too! Two (or three) bites for Savannah, one (maybe one half with what I found on him later) for Tyler. Even then she didn't finish it all but she and he loved it!

Hiding for Poop

This would be my daughter hiding (not very well) to take a poop in her diaper.. The Minnie Mouse panties are on their way - hopefully we have a quick training session to get her on that potty!

"I Want BIG Push!".

On the way home from school today Savvy wanted to walk towards the big kids' school. It was nice out (a little over 90 with clouds) so I figured sure why not. Halfway up the street to the school it dawned on me why - she was hoping for the Grilled Cheese and Cookie Trucks that had been there a while back for their anniversary celebration! Oh well. I explained to her that the trucks aren't always there, it was just on that special day. After a couple seconds of disappointment she smiled and happily trotted on towards the school telling me she wanted to go to the park. We were more than half way there anyways.

When we got to the park she wanted to swing first like always. Well, maybe not always.. The day after the big brain she wanted to play in the puddles like lakes. But other than that it's always! I popped Tyler in one, Savvy in the other and off they went. "I want big push" is the chart like command I (or whoever is pushing her) am told. With a couple "Tyler big push too!" added in.

After the swings they played on the seesaw, rode the horses and went down the slide before Mommy had to sit down to give her arm a break. Savvy went down the side a couple more times then started running around telling me "I wait for Noah!". I let her know Noah's parents were probably still working (it was maybe 4) so he was still in school. She just repeated "I wait for Noah. I wait for Noah 2 minutes". After a long two (10?) minutes she came over to sit with us and eat a snack I had for Tyler from I don't even know how long ago in the bottom of the stroller. Thankfully it was just cereal and freeze dried yogurt bites so it was still ok.  We had a great time - when I told her we had to get going she even said "OK mommy", got up and started walking - we have had a few we'll say incidents or stalling when leaving before. But not today! She was I'm a fantastic mood about everything!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Tyler is not making any effort to hold his own bottle - which is crazy to me since Savannah did it at 4 or 5 months but hey, we're all different.. I've been putting water  in a supply cup with a straw (when remember during the morning rush) and today he got his first sip! While he was surprised tasting the water he smiled and laughed afterwards so I think we're a go!

Afterwards, out of curiosity, I put a tiny bit of water in one of Savannah's regular cups and put it on his tray. He immediately picked it up and brought it to his mouth - even at the correct angle. I don't know if he got any of the water in his mouth but I don't care! The second time did not go so well (let's just say we needed a towel) but at least in part it was because he wanted more applesauce.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Spaghetti and Meatballs

We have been eating out a lot with the kitchen sink out of commission since Sunday afternoon. Tonight's options were Tacos or Spaghetti and Meatballs since both places have a Tuesday deal. Savannah chose the Spaghetti and even convinced (with pouting, puppy eyes and repetition) Marisa and Lexy to come with us. It is a new Italian place about 5 miles from us that I'd heard was good. They were right - even the bread while waiting for our meals was super yummy. While she didn't eat much of it (she had filled up on milk and the bread) Savannah was stoked when her meal came!

Saturday, May 9, 2015


It has been beautiful here the last few days so we've spent some extra time outside when we can. Tyler has also been sick (flu?) so we've had limited ability to do much except diaper changes, clean up regurgitated formula and help him sleep.

He seemed a little better today and we hung out in the sun for a bit. While Savannah was in his swing Tyler and I stole her car (she was not happy) and he took a joyride. We may have to get him his own. Although when I looked at them I saw a tractor one and now Savannah wants the tractor lol

Waiting on the Bunny to Wake Up

We have a clock in Sav's room. It is her bunny clock. At night the Bunny is sleeping and at 6:30 in the morning the Bunny "wakes up" to tell her it's OK to come out of her room. It doesn't always work but here's some pics of her when it did. She's laying in her bed reading books waiting for Bunny to Wake up. When he did, she came running out of her room to me saying "Mommy, bunny wake up!!".

Monday, May 4, 2015

Maybe Trying to Crawl?

It looks like Tyler is trying to figure out crawling!

Trying to Crawl:

Saturday, May 2, 2015

My Latest Creations

Since Tyler is now sleeping until 5 AM most nights I’m a little more rested and have some more time at night to relax. Some of the things I’ve done..

For Savannah:



For Tyler



For Savannah and Tyler



For Friends



On the wall in our loft to show Savannah’s artwork