Thursday, May 28, 2015

Tyler's New Book

Tyler has not been interested in books so far. I've read to him and given him a couple to play with but he just moves them away. I've been bummed but I know it's early so things can change.

A week or so ago Savannah brought over Pat the Bunny to read with me. To avoid a possible attitude from Savannah, I waited until she was done reading and putting the books away (4 books later) and kept Pat the Bunny with me. I guided Tyler's hand to the soft furry bunny page and it was all over. He "loved" (pat, smack, eat) the Bunny like crazy! When he finally let go I tried to show him another page but he just wanted the Bunny.

A couple days later was the Usborne Book party I attended and they have a ton of "touchy feely" books. I knew what I was getting him!! The morning after I received my box of books I gave Tyler his new one and he LOVED it! Every page of it (me helping to turn the pages)! Yay!! I received another in my consultant kit a few days later that he hasn't seen yet (still obsessed with the first). I hope this is the start of a great love of reading like Sav and I have!

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