Thursday, May 28, 2015

"I Want BIG Push!".

On the way home from school today Savvy wanted to walk towards the big kids' school. It was nice out (a little over 90 with clouds) so I figured sure why not. Halfway up the street to the school it dawned on me why - she was hoping for the Grilled Cheese and Cookie Trucks that had been there a while back for their anniversary celebration! Oh well. I explained to her that the trucks aren't always there, it was just on that special day. After a couple seconds of disappointment she smiled and happily trotted on towards the school telling me she wanted to go to the park. We were more than half way there anyways.

When we got to the park she wanted to swing first like always. Well, maybe not always.. The day after the big brain she wanted to play in the puddles like lakes. But other than that it's always! I popped Tyler in one, Savvy in the other and off they went. "I want big push" is the chart like command I (or whoever is pushing her) am told. With a couple "Tyler big push too!" added in.

After the swings they played on the seesaw, rode the horses and went down the slide before Mommy had to sit down to give her arm a break. Savvy went down the side a couple more times then started running around telling me "I wait for Noah!". I let her know Noah's parents were probably still working (it was maybe 4) so he was still in school. She just repeated "I wait for Noah. I wait for Noah 2 minutes". After a long two (10?) minutes she came over to sit with us and eat a snack I had for Tyler from I don't even know how long ago in the bottom of the stroller. Thankfully it was just cereal and freeze dried yogurt bites so it was still ok.  We had a great time - when I told her we had to get going she even said "OK mommy", got up and started walking - we have had a few we'll say incidents or stalling when leaving before. But not today! She was I'm a fantastic mood about everything!

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