Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Tyler is not making any effort to hold his own bottle - which is crazy to me since Savannah did it at 4 or 5 months but hey, we're all different.. I've been putting water  in a supply cup with a straw (when remember during the morning rush) and today he got his first sip! While he was surprised tasting the water he smiled and laughed afterwards so I think we're a go!

Afterwards, out of curiosity, I put a tiny bit of water in one of Savannah's regular cups and put it on his tray. He immediately picked it up and brought it to his mouth - even at the correct angle. I don't know if he got any of the water in his mouth but I don't care! The second time did not go so well (let's just say we needed a towel) but at least in part it was because he wanted more applesauce.

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