Thursday, May 28, 2015

Baby Class Mystery Solved!

Savannah has been telling me she wants to go to the baby class when we go to school. She is usually really tooth Tyler but I didn't enough to be in his class. I would ask her things like Don't you want to play with your friends? And tell her the baby class doesn't get outside time or computer time but she still wanted the baby class.

I've been getting Savannah from her class first since she likes to go get Tyler (she'll run down to his class door and wait while I'm talking to her teacher). Today was no different. I opener the door to his class and she walked in, smiled and said hi to Tyler. I picked his giggly self up and when I turned around I found Savannah kneeling on the floor sharing big smiles with Tyler's classmate Matthew. I don't know if she gets this happy about Cars! Matthew seems smitten with her too. When we leave, he crawls over to the door and stands up to watch her as long as possible. If she notices she'll go up to the door and they make faces and put their hands "together" on the door. Serious cuteness!!

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