Sunday, July 26, 2015

Tyler the 1 Year Old!!

I still can’t believe it but our little Tyler is a year old! So here are our 12 month pictures.. He is cruising around and loves walking but still needs to hold our hands to walk. His favorite things to eat are MEAT (beef, chicken, pork, fish – you name it!), yogurt and pouches. He now has 7 teeth with at least two more ready to pop through the gums. He is still 25.5 lbs and 30 inches tall – pretty much the same as he was at 9 months old!.


A quick pictorial recap of the last year..


A couple days old..



1 month old




3 months old




6 months old




10 months old



We started with our normal chair and Picasso Monkey..



However it turns out Picasso falling to the floor was hilarious..



Savannah kept us company – asking if it was her turn yet the whole time..




Then we moved to lounging followed by trying to get out of the chair..



After our feeble attempt at our normal pictures, Tyler was playing at the table and I got a few good close up snaps.. Still such a happy boy, and so handsome! Note the family tradition of a mullet coming in? hehe




And for comparison – here is Savannah on her first birthday. :)


Friday, July 24, 2015

Tyler’s First Birthday Smash Cake!

We lucked out that Tyler’s birthday fell on a Friday so Marc was home in the afternoon and evening. On his way he picked up a BIG chocolate cupcake with plastic “balloons” on it. After dinner we put it on his tray and he immediately went for the balloons.



Marc took his hand and put it in the icing a little but Tyler wasn’t sure what to think of it at first..IMG_6752IMG_6754


Then Tyler got a little brave and tried again himself..



Which meant Savannah took the balloons of course!



But Tyler was on a roll now and didn’t care.. He started tearing the cake up, making a wonderfully huge mess but not eating any!! He’s going to be our destructive boy.. And curious.. Basically the opposite of our cautious Savannah!



Finally he tried some of it but I was expecting a much happier look than we got. He just had a “hmm, ok I guess this is food” look.



Since he wasn’t all that interested in eating it anyways and Savannah had been really good and patient watching Tyler (while holding his balloons) we let her start helping to eat it. At least a quarter of it might actually be eaten by a human if she helps! She of course LOVED it!



I mean really, how could this kid stay so clean when you can barely tell there was a cake there anymore?!?



The tray was a completely different story.. And Savannah lol


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Blue Box

Tyler loves playing with the dogs' bowls. I remember Savannah learning pretty quickly when we said No but this guy, not so much. Savannah has been helping us a lot with getting the books onto the table so he can't reach them. The other day I nor she were fast enough and he spelled a ton of dog food onto the floor. First I brought out the dustpan but there was just too much. Savannah took it from me to clean up anyways.

So I brought out the stiffer and no shocker she wanted it too. After the first few sweeps that sent the dog food flying all over I remembered a picture I had seen online. I got the painter's tape and made a box on the floor. I then showed her how to push the dog food with the sweeper into the box. She took over and starter sweeping away while I emptied the blue box with the dustpan. A great team!

The Blue Box: