Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Blue Box

Tyler loves playing with the dogs' bowls. I remember Savannah learning pretty quickly when we said No but this guy, not so much. Savannah has been helping us a lot with getting the books onto the table so he can't reach them. The other day I nor she were fast enough and he spelled a ton of dog food onto the floor. First I brought out the dustpan but there was just too much. Savannah took it from me to clean up anyways.

So I brought out the stiffer and no shocker she wanted it too. After the first few sweeps that sent the dog food flying all over I remembered a picture I had seen online. I got the painter's tape and made a box on the floor. I then showed her how to push the dog food with the sweeper into the box. She took over and starter sweeping away while I emptied the blue box with the dustpan. A great team!

The Blue Box: https://youtu.be/ynI9L02wjQc

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