Tuesday, November 29, 2011

L’il Bookcases Cuted Up

A couple of the projects I kept coming back to on multiple blogs when I started reading them were redoing bookcases and painting with stencils. After deciding on the green color in my office I quickly determined I didn’t want the same old furniture in my office.

In the old room I had four compressed wood bookcases – two tall in light brown, one short in light brown and one short in a darker brown. The light brown somewhat matched my L desk but the desk was not moving to the new house. I am using hubs’ old desk which doesn’t match any of the other furniture.

Noticing how great the white trim and doors pop against the green walls I decided to paint the bookcases white, add trim to the tops and bottoms to make them look upgraded and paint the backs with the same green as the walls and stencil designs.

Here is how the bookcases started out in the new house.
DSCN1735   DSCN1736

Still a little skeptical about painting I started with the lighter one. Carried it back downstairs – without any more nicks in the walls! – took the shelves out and put in the garage on the paint tarp. Marc and I had just scrubbed the floor in the garage of all the dirt and sticky who-knows-what the renters left (ICK!!) so I didn’t want to get any paint on it.


I used leftover Dunn Edwards paint from when the interior was painted, the white was named Whisper which I’m thinking was the base color used since it’s not one I remember (the interior trim, doors and "unpainted” areas like laundry room were Swiss Coffee). The backs in Dunn Edwards’ Peas in a Pod, same as the walls in the office.
DSCN1752  DSCN1753

The shelves in process.


And here is the bookcase and shelves after being painted white. The blue is painters tape to minimalize getting the white on the back.


The great thing about the paint and rollers when working on a project that spans multiple days is that you can put them in a plastic bag in the freezer in between painting. I hate cleaning up so not only does this save paint you haven't used yet but this way you just clean up once at the end.

Cleaning myself off is a whole different story. This was the least of the mess but the only I snagged a pic of - two shirts got spots, a pair of socks and tons of swipes on my arms and legs. But at least I got an on my body reminder to keep going back for more touchups!

After the bookcase and shelves were painted white it was time to do the back. I waited a day or day and a half for the paint (hard in of itself but still too impatient!) to try then taped the sides to make sure the green only stayed on the back.


I was sooo excited! Until I started removing the tape and realized my impatience totally bit me in the butt.. Yes.. White paint on the tape – it took off the paint from the bookcases.. :(

White Paint Gone Collage

After cursing at myself for not waiting longer I realized it’s just how I am and moved on to my favorite part – a cutesy design! I purchased the stencil at Michael’s without any idea where to use it but loved the design.

I put the stencil in the upper left most corner and used a foam brush to first swipe over the lines the squished for a nice textured effect.


After doing a few in a row I started washing the stencil off after every other one as the paint was getting on the backside and leaving extra white marks where I didn’t want them.


While I like that it’s not perfect it was more spots than I wanted.


However I could easily enough cover the extra marks with more green paint!


Same scroll after the corrections (so happy with it!):


And Voila – the finished backing (actually, I might have done a few more corrections after this but very minimal)!


And another view where it shows that I didn’t measure and plan before stenciling (reenter my impatience).


I haven’t decided what to do on the side with all the extra space yet.. I told Marc I would personalize it with our last name and he looked at me like I was crazy (I am of course but I was just kidding). Either way I took it upstairs, got the shelves in and was giddy with how great it looks!


Now on to the second bookcase which has already given me problems but I think it’s finally giving in and I’m going to win!


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Monday, November 28, 2011

The four day weekend came just in time!


Simply put we need more long weekends.

I started Thursday with making a yarn ball wreath for an easy get me going project.


For Thanksgiving we had it easy, we met hubs’ parents at their club which meant none of us had to cook or clean. It was very welcomed still having our house in disarray!

Thanksgiving Collage

A wonderful dinner (was even able to bring home some leftovers!) and found our pups did not have such a good time when we returned home..


The rest of the weekend we spent continuing to unpack, put rooms together and clean. Here’s how we stand as of Monday morning – I’m feeling so good with the progress I don’t even have the Monday blues! Note the furballs following me around as I take pictures.

The Front Room


The Kitchen


The Nook


The Family Room (not much changed but some boxes gone)



Garage Collage

The Guest Bedroom


The Nursery – now excess stuff until we get pregnant!


Our Bedroom, amazing sans Sierra on the bed.. She trotted in as I was leaving though!

House to Date 1128

Our closet – yay to no more trash bags!


The Loft


And finally, the office which still needs the most work.

Office Collage

We finished up Sunday with dinner at Buca di Beppo – AWESOME!!!

IMG_20111126_195642        IMG_20111126_195914

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Company of Pups

Thank goodness the pups are here to keep us company, it's been a long and busy weekend. We got a lot of stuff done but can't believe it's already almost Monday!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New Workbench

Wednesday November 23rd, 2011

While trying to decide what project to do I realized I do not have anywhere to do any work on them. So my first project was decided - make a work bench for the garage!

Just a couple searches on the internet and I found plans for simple work benches and tables. Since I don’t know how long this interest will last I decided on the work bench (smaller than the table). With the plans on HammerZone the only materials I needed were wood and deck screws so off to Home Depot I went.

Ran into a very helpful employee who rekeyed our locks, gave me advise on a jigsaw (possibly for this project but definitely for others - and it was on sale 40% off!) and showed me to the lumber area. It was so easy, I showed them the dimensions I needed for the boards and they picked them and cut them for me. He even calculated cost to get me the best deal, it was cheaper to buy a bigger piece of plywood and cut to size leaving me a 4'x4' extra piece than buying the two pieces i needed precut. I had looked online and work tables were mostly $100-200 - my wood was about $25 which included extra pieces I can use for other projects!


While the plan was to build it myself I had never used a power drill before so I waited for Marc to wake up from his nap to make sure which bit I could use on the wood. I have this looming fear I will break something. Marc ended up staying for the whole project – was so great, every time I got frustrated he’d tell me I’m doing great and give pointers of why something wrong was happening (had the drill tilted etc).

So I went from the first side:


To the Frame:


To the finished bench!

DSCN1731  DSCN1732

It will need a little more work – I have a shelf to add to the bottom and the legs are uneven. I am sure it’s because I rushed through it and didn’t use a level or measure everything multiple times but Marc says they were cut properly (how cute is he!). Either way, I’m so happy we got it all together and it stands!



Wednesday, November 16, 2011

We’re In–And I’m Loving It!


We’ve been moved into the new house for three days now (movers left around 11PM Saturday) and each day I become more and more happy we’re here! My head is overflowing with ideas of decorating, organizing and projects, I had to start a list so I don’t forget them.

First off, the paint is amazing! The colors are bold and bright, with “Swiss Coffee” doors, trim and baseboards so it all really pops.


It helped while dealing with the movers and all the chaos during the actual move. It took 8 hours for them to load the truck, the last 3 hours we were repeatedly told they were “almost done”, “just a few more pieces” etc. When they finally got the truck with our belongings to the new house it was pretty much dark yet that wasn’t the worst part. With our stuff in the truck at the end of our driveway we were told the price would be over $1900 – more than double the quote!!

Talking to the manager got us nowhere – basically we pay the exorbant amount or they’d leave with our belongings. Not seeing any real option we gave the credit card (so we can dispute the charges if needed) and had the movers proceed. Instead of them moving furniture and boxes to the correct rooms we decided to have it all left downstairs to save time (charges were per hour). And Marc decided to help just to get it over with. By the end of the night I was seeing Marc coming in and out with stacks of boxes more often than the movers! Ridiculous.. So our house ended up like this:


A few hours of sleep and I got back to moving the boxes into the correct rooms.. While it wasn’t exactly progress it felt so much better after the two downstairs rooms were cleared of all that really would be staying there.

Moved Boxes

Like I started with, at least we are now in the new house, the pups and cat have adjusted very well and who couldn’t be happy surrounded by all the bright colors?!



Thursday, November 10, 2011

Getting Ready for the Move Pt 3

Everything is falling in to place with getting to the new house. Took some more of our stuff to some friends that we no longer need, replaced all the broken/missing lightbulbs and smoke detectors, the cleaners were at the house on Tuesday and the carpets were taken care of Wednesday. 

While waiting for the cleaners I started working on the cabinet liners and realized they aren't all the same size - thankfully before cutting!

On the bright side, I remembered that the lower cabinets have roll out shelves! 

I'm off to peek at the painting, they started this morning and plan on finishing tomorrow evening but I can't wait!!