Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New Workbench

Wednesday November 23rd, 2011

While trying to decide what project to do I realized I do not have anywhere to do any work on them. So my first project was decided - make a work bench for the garage!

Just a couple searches on the internet and I found plans for simple work benches and tables. Since I don’t know how long this interest will last I decided on the work bench (smaller than the table). With the plans on HammerZone the only materials I needed were wood and deck screws so off to Home Depot I went.

Ran into a very helpful employee who rekeyed our locks, gave me advise on a jigsaw (possibly for this project but definitely for others - and it was on sale 40% off!) and showed me to the lumber area. It was so easy, I showed them the dimensions I needed for the boards and they picked them and cut them for me. He even calculated cost to get me the best deal, it was cheaper to buy a bigger piece of plywood and cut to size leaving me a 4'x4' extra piece than buying the two pieces i needed precut. I had looked online and work tables were mostly $100-200 - my wood was about $25 which included extra pieces I can use for other projects!


While the plan was to build it myself I had never used a power drill before so I waited for Marc to wake up from his nap to make sure which bit I could use on the wood. I have this looming fear I will break something. Marc ended up staying for the whole project – was so great, every time I got frustrated he’d tell me I’m doing great and give pointers of why something wrong was happening (had the drill tilted etc).

So I went from the first side:


To the Frame:


To the finished bench!

DSCN1731  DSCN1732

It will need a little more work – I have a shelf to add to the bottom and the legs are uneven. I am sure it’s because I rushed through it and didn’t use a level or measure everything multiple times but Marc says they were cut properly (how cute is he!). Either way, I’m so happy we got it all together and it stands!



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