Saturday, November 5, 2011

Getting Ready for the Move Pt 1

We are getting ready to move in a week and while I'm really excited it is getting pretty crazy. Thankfully the majority of the house is packed, all that is left is the day-to-day things (toiletries, office things, kitchen/pantry/fridge). 

I had to make lists - the post-it notes and scribbles on notepads all over the place were totally NOT working. I've got one for all the companies I'm working with with their phone numbers, dates of service, account number and any other information I got over the phone. It's been such a lifesaver!

As for the house, we had it rented out the last 18 months. I met the inspector there on Tuesday for the walk through and to get my keys.. Oh my.. The renters left it horribly dirty, messed up and overall just didn't give a crap about it. Some examples:

  • There are rust, kool-aid and who knows what the others are stains in the carpet in every room
  • About one of every four lights work - many sockets are empty (yes, they the lightbulbs), a bunch are burnt out and a couple are broken IN the socket (my assumption is they were trying to steal them and couldn't get them out). Including the dryer that now has no light!
  • Our toilet paper holders are gone - one completely, for the other two the chrome holder was replaced by the cheapest plastic one I've ever seen
  • There is a large hole and three small holes in the screen
  • The baseboards are chewed up - interesting considering 0 animals were on the lease.. Hmm...
  • Outlet plates are broken
  • Corian countertops have a plethora of scratches and scrapes
  • Toilet in the second bathroom is filthy and clogged (found by trying to flush and almost overflowed!)
  • The whole house is painted, as the inspector called it "skin" color. Not even close to the "coffee" color that was approved.
As an added bonus, the property management company does not seem to be concerned with timely responses. We've got the movers coming on the 11th and as of today the property management company claims they don't even have the report from the inspector and have not given us any clue as to what/if they will be cleaning/doing repairs etc from the tenants deposit. I've had to book house cleaners, carpet cleaners and about to meet with painters since these are things that can not be booked the day before. And where do we think the money is going to come from? 

It'll all come together, hopefully I will still have my sanity when it does!

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